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Romania - France [WCQ 11/10/08]

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Romania - France

WC 2010 Qualifying at Constanta - 11/10/08 -

The squad should announced today. I believe Ribéry will be back after his pretty good performance against Lyon. We will certainly see Gourcuff aswell.
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It´s not a big stadium but Piturca likes to play there cause it seems to bring luck to the NT. Romania beat Czech Rep. and Holland there.

The pitch won´t be perfect either.
the commentator on the radio said that chivu has been great. he has been impressed by him.
I didn´t like him too much tonight. Romanian players played average in this game except some cases. But with this coach we can´t do more, in the 2nd half we didnt make a single attack.

I think Piturca and Domenech have several things in common; and they probably pacted the draw to save their heads :doh:

Gourcuff looks an interesting player, but the key is Ribery. We needed 3-4 players to stop him.
draw and 2-2 against romania?

domenech should have been kicked out

it's NOT a win guys, it's awful
And what do you expect? It´s Romania, not San Marino.
1 - 7 of 90 Posts
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