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Romania - France [WCQ 11/10/08]

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Romania - France

WC 2010 Qualifying at Constanta - 11/10/08 -

The squad should announced today. I believe Ribéry will be back after his pretty good performance against Lyon. We will certainly see Gourcuff aswell.
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Goalkeepers : Mandanda, Lloris

Defenders : Abidal, Gallas, Evra, Mexès, Sagna, Squillaci, Fanni, Clichy

Midfielders : L.Diarra, A. Diarra, Toulalan, Vieira, Ribéry, Gourcuff, Malouda, Ben Arfa

Strikers : Benzema, Anelka, Henry, Sinama-Pongolle
Yeah he is a a 100% starter for Lyon, but at the moment Mandanda is ahead of him. Not sure if it's the good choice.
LAst official at least, i think he would stay at least till the Tunisia game.

L'Equipe guess, since Anelka is doubtfull and likely not to play at all :

A 4-5-1


Sagna Gallas Abidal Evra 

Toulalan Vieira 

Ribéry Gourcuff Ben Arfa 

Some pics of the training :

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Boumsong and Briand called with les Bleus.

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Yeah, he is back at his former level. But he is still bad at finishing. :D
Don't know, he is probably injured. Anyway Gallas is out while Anelka will probably play. Mexes will got another chance, do you think ?
I am not sure that i will see it live, yet. But i will record it anyway.

Now, according to l'equipe Raymond will start with Boumsong over Mexes, what the hell ???!!!!


Sagna Boumsong Abidal Evra 

Vieira Toulalan 

Ribéry Gourcuff Malouda 

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Because that's Domenech 's choice.

Some pics of tonight game stadium :

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I saw the 7 first minutes live. Then two awfull defending situation plus another one on the first goal got on my nerves. Heard Gourcuff did well, i think i will watch it now again...
Referee : Franck De Bleckeere (BEL)
Attendance : 12.900
Goals : Petre (6 e ), Goian (17 e ) Ribéry (3 6 e ), Gourcuff (6 8 e )

Booking : Goian (18 e ) ; France: Boumsong (42 e ), Toulalan (63 e ) .

Romania : Lobont - Ogararu, Tamas, Goian, Rat - Cocis, Muresan, Chivu (cap.) - F. Petre (Bucur, 76 e ), Mutu (Costea, 76 e ), Marica . Coach : Victor Piturca .

France : Mandanda - Sagna, Boumsong, Abidal, Evra - Toulalan, A. Diarra - Ribéry (Briand, 90 e +1), Gourcuff, Malouda (Benzema, 37 e ) - Henry (cap.) . Coach : Raymond Domenech
My impression on the first half. The defense looked unsecure and not confident at all. Adding to that that we don't know how to defend on aerial ball. Well we can't have our say on Raymond's choice to give a chance to guy who barely play with Lyon behind a Cris (coming back from Injury) and a former midfielder (Bodmer). But we can't say that either Abidal, Evra and Sagna were at the level too. Back in the days we knew how to defend and to built up the play starting from the back. Now at time we just push the ball away adn alea jacte est.

The duo Ribéry - Gourcuff started well from the start, A.Diarra/Toulalan not that bad. Henry pretty much hard time with a defense defending that deep adn us playing a 4-5-1.
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