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Romania-Cyprus match report

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Stadium: Gheorghe Hagi, Constanta
Attendance: 23.000 + peoples on roofs + me :)

Keeper: Stelea (Lobont)
Defenders: Ciubotariu - Popescu - Nanu (45' Chivu) - Contra
Midfielders: Hagi - D. Munteanu (Rosu) - Lincar (Haldan) - Carabas (Filipescu)
Strikers: Mutu - Moldovan (Ganea)

First half:
not too good, just some individual technique shown and some very good knee passes (that's why the Romanian is the king of the knee :)).
Also here, Lincar's shot from 20 metres was blocked by the keeper and then hit the post. Five minutes later Hagi's shot from a free kick, althought it was good, was saved by the keeper.

Second half:
starts very good, with Chivu and Rosu replacing Munteanu and Nanu. In the 64th minute a 25 metres free kick was accorded. All the stadium thought that Hagi will shot on goal but he passes to Contra which also passes to Mutu which scores from 2 metres.
1-0 from Romania.
2nd goal: Carabas dribbles some players and was knocked down to the pitch. Penalty! No doubt!
All the stadium was screaming Hagi's name but he let the penalty to Ganea for two reasons:
1. The last penalty Hagi shot was missed and he never shot's a penalty after a missed one. Just a superstition.
2. A Romanian football, freind of Ganea, suffered a car accident and he wanted to dedicate the goal to him.
Ganea scores the penalty.
After two minutes Contra's shot was blocked by the keeper and the ball gets to Rosu who's shot hits the left posts. Rosu hit the ball two metres away from the net.

Player ratings:
Stelea and Lobont - A part of the public.
Nanu and Carabas - very nervous as they played on the stadium where they discovered the taste of success. Also the first cap for Carabas.
Lincar - very good. No wonder West Ham and Roma are looking to sign him.
Contra, Mutu - a poor first half was balanced by the second one.
Chivu, Ciubotariu, Popescu - very secure on themselves.
D. Munteanu, Haldan - good passes.
Hagi - he can't make a wrong match.
Rosu - pretty good, except that occasion when he hit the post. Even I could score from there.
Filipescu - played with Betis monday evening. Very tired. That's why he was a reserve and played only some minutes.
Moldovan - unsecure.
Ganea - good. (11 games and 7 goals for Romania).

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He is the same. he will never change. He makes a normal midfielder game but he has some exceptional passes.
:) Bucur David, sounds like you got to see a nice game. Glad to hear most of the team did well and Mutu got his first goal for us ;)

Also, a correction on Ganea's stats.. he has 8 goals in 11 appearances.
By the way David, what position does Rosu play?
Rosu is a left midfielder. He sould play as well as a attacking midfielder.
Rosu is a left midfielder. He sould play as well as a attacking midfielder.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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