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Romania 2 - Greece 1 : Friendly

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Romania: Liviu Ciobotariu 8, Florentin Petre 78
Greece: Nikos Limperopoulos 83
Half time: 1-0; Attendance: 13,000
Romania: 1-Bogdan Lobont (21-Florin Prunea 83), 2-Dan Petrescu, 3-Liviu Ciobotariu
(17-Miodrag Belodedici 82),
4-Iulian Filipescu, 5-Constantin Galca (20-Catalin Haldan 62), 6-Gheorghe Popescu,
7-Adrian Mutu (14-Florentin Petre 66),
8-Dorinel Munteanu (13-Cristian Chivu 76), 11-Adrian Ilie (16-Laurentiu Rosu 68), 15-Ionut
Lupescu, 18-Ionel Ganea (9-Viorel Moldovan 46).
Greece: 1-Dimitris Elefteropoulos; 2-Dimitris Mavrogenidis (13-Stelios Venetidis 83),
3-Grigoris Georgatos, 4-Nikos Dabizas (14-Yiannis Goumas, 76) 5-Marianos Ouzounidis,
6-Ilias Poursanidis (12-Aggelos Basinas 67), 7-George Georgiadis,
8-George Amanatidis, 9-Nikos Limperopoulos, 10-Vassilis Tsartas (17-Andreas Niniadis 46),
11-Dimitris Nalitis (18-Thomas Kyparissis 61).

Hagi was rested today because he is tired. Contra was also rested as Petrescu was given the whole day to play since he hasn't played much with Chelsea. And Ilie played 68 minutes!! That's a surprise! He was supposed to be a sub late in the game because Ienei didn't want to risk injury, I guess he was ok.

Anyone watch the game? Gimme a report!
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The match will be on Eurosport in 30 minutes. So I will try to give a report after the game . First time that I can see Lobont in action.
Well, I watched a bit of the game. There was something on Dutch tv that interested me more. Lobont had an easy night, but still one goal scored against him after bad defending. Chivu came on as a sub an played on midfield. Did pretty well. Looked like the Chivu from Ajax.
I hear Romania played a weak game? Any confimation?

Patryk L. AKA labas
In the last 20 minutes we played weak, but in the rest of the game we played pretty good, especially in the first half when we hit the post several times.

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Bucur Davids,you hit the post ONE time with Petrescu and we hit the post ONE time with Liberopoulos who was simply unstopabble today.I was impressed by Petrescu today.He was terrific.However,I strongly believe that a draw would be a more fair result since the chances were practically equal.The Greek goal came when Kiparrissis won the ball after a mistake from a Romanian defender,made a ground pass to Limberopoulos who beat Belodedici and the goallie to the ball and scored.Ciobotariu opened the score with a lethal volley on the top of the net after a corner with Dabizas and Galca failing to head the ball.Petre (good player!) made it 2-0 with a close header in which really Amanatidis and Eleftheropulos should have not allowed.Ridiculus defending :(The game started sensationally after Limberopulos in the first minute,took the ball,skipped past Fillipescu and Popescu and launched a thunder which hit Lobont's post.Petrescu replyed later in the game with a GREAT effort,he dribbled past Amanatidis ( :() and made a looping shot from the edge of the area over Eleftherouplos only to hit the post unluckily.It would be a great goal.Chivu was impressive when he came in since he made Amanatidis (what is he doing in the national team? :() look like a joke by dribbling him all the time.

All in all it was a quite bad game.I think the two teams were equal but if Hagi had played you would have won fairly.On my cards it should have been a draw mainly due to the inablity of your defence to stop Limberopulos.

I also want to note down that the ref's assistants were contantly indicating wrong off sides for Greece.Limberopulos was blowened unfairly off side at least 3 times. :(

And something else.Ciobotariu and Popescu are too slow to be a central defending partnership.They did cope well with Nalitzis and Kiparissis who are slow and heavy forwards but Limberopoulos was simply too fast and skilled for them.I think that if Greece had one more fast forward like Nikolaidis or Choutos with them they would have many many problems.Just hope you dont face Spain.

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
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Thanx for the report guys. :)

AMO!, I thought Ganea hit the post too, at least that's what Dailysoccer said?
Maybe it was Ganea and not Petrescu? I'm not really sure on who he was... :)

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
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