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Romagnoli and Camps!

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Ok,tell me what you know about Atilio Romagnoli of San Lorenzo and Patricio Camps of Velez.

One of them is coming at PAOK (my team in Greece) so I want to be prepared,are they bad or I should be happy?
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Romagnoli and Camps are both good players. In fact Romagnoli (his first name is Leandro) is an excellent attacking midfielder with a very bright future. He is only 18, but from what I ave read in the papers in Argentina he won't be transfered for at least 1-2 years. Thereafter, I can see him joining a big Italian or Spanish club. In fact AC Milan have already expressed astrong interest.

Particio Camps is a striker / forward that has good finishing skills and has scored a good number of goals for his club Velez Sasfield. I was under the impression that he was sold to Lens in France.
You are probably confuse him with Esteban Fuertes who is a forward.Camps is a play-maker/offencive midfielder.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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