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After reading all the articles today from the italian newspapers it gave me a huge relief to discover that the Magic and the beautiful play of Roma is Back!!!
Totti back=Roma back to winning!!
Wrote one newspaper,
It later wrote that it was like Totti had a remote control in his hand and was giving all kinds of passes and having his way on the field.
This is what i like to hear,
also Montella rediscovered himself and him and Totti restored the Roma that was in the beginning of the year!!!Thank God!!!!
Now the game against Parma,
if we win we're really in the race,
if not its over.Period.
Can we beat them certainly,
but the question is with what line-up.
Capello has a big problem on his hands or rather a difficult one,
To play Nakata or not to play??That is the question!
Capello said after the game that Nakata practiced very little during the week and didn't want him to risk further injury,and doesn't let his players play through pain.
Now with this week to heal he'll definently be ready to play.
But will he play?
Delvecchio is back from suspension and probably look to move back upfront with the his tridente.
Will Capello slide Nakata with Assuncao,which he hasn't played with and could help Nakata improve(i think)or will he move Nakata up to Totti's place and leave Delvecchio on the bench??Or not play him at all??
My opinion is that i don't see Nakata take over Totti's spot,because of the game against Bologna where Totti was the man of the match.I think we'll see him occupy the central midfield with Assuncao.
This i think is risky,its often happened that he's done this and Nakata just hasn't been in the game then subs him off at half time,is that right??Then put in Tommasi or Zanetti.
If it was my call i'd start him on the bench,and leave the same line-up with Tommasi in the middle and Rinaldi on with Mangone on the bench.
Lets go back to the Roma before Nakata,
if we're down then take the chance to bring him in,i really don't think its a good idea on such an important game
what do u guys think??

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I think that the main plan from now on should be to build the attacking side around Montella and Totti. They are magnificent players who demand to be complimented. Nakata should start on the bench and Delvechio should be brought back. The reason for this is to make sure Nakarta doesn't pick up another knock and to see if we are better off without him.

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Nice posts, guys. I believe Totti and Montella can win a scudetto together if both play healthy and strong next season together and Roma gets a reliable midfield. These guys are the real deal. Add Delvecchio to that mix, with his height, desire and great headers, and you have an amazing attack, perhaps the best in Italy. Then throw in a little Cafu on the side making runs, some tough Zanetti ball winning and a few xtra ingredients and BAM! you have a scudetto winner. Nakata is very good, but if he cannot accept his new role, he must be traded. It is a shame he came to a club with a playmaker as great as Totti, because no way can Mr. #10 ever be replaced.

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My suggestion is to just leave nakata out and play with the team that ran through the competition before the winter.

Also I have to point out that it isn't healthy that a team depends on the form of on player (totti). this really has to change!

Always trying to be modest. And damn proud of it!

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Agree with you all, Nakata must start on the bench. Perhaps start with Zanetti instead of Tommasi, that dosen't bring anything to the team. Anybody got some news about Candela? We really could use him now when everything is to be decided.

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Just got news today of the probable lineup for the game against Parma.
Here it is:
PROBABILE FORMAZIONE (3-4-1-2): Lupatelli (Antonioli), Zago, Aldair, Mangone; Cafu, Assuncao, Zanetti, Di Francesco; Totti; Montella, Delvecchio.
Doesn't this look familar!!!!
Yes the line-up that brought us great play and wins,not to mention the team that destroyed Lazio 4-0.
Anyway,Nakata is on the bench and several players didn't practice,just to rest some injuries.Someone new is Lupatelli who strained his knee,we'll have to see who starts in goal.But great news Zanetti is back and did a full Practice and looked very good.
We need a win against Parma.I want payback for that game in Parma which was a joke and i want this one won right that means total demoliation of Parma,no holding back,what a message this would send to Milan and Inter.
But i don't think that will happen.They are on a roll and there offense is doing good,but where they are weak is their midfield.If Assuncao and Zanetti control the middle and Di Francesco controls Fuser we are on the way,and another point Cafu must play well as he did against Bologna.
Everything has to click and a big part of this is Delvecchio,chances to score will be provided and he has to convert..all three upfront must click on the same page.
Its a total team effort we need to beat Parma and that means it has to start from the back.They have to contain Crespo and Amoroso,can't give the ball away and make stupid mistakes as they have done lately.
Thats it a total team effort nothing more nothing less!!!
I know we can do it!!!
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