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Well, here goes: Roma vs. the worst club in the league at home. Anything other than a win would set off an immediate double crisis. The derby loss shocked my soul. I hope the players aren't feeling as defeated as I. Now's the time for a good looking win. Monty returns. Maybe Del Neri will have the balls to field a real 3-4-3. His neck is on the line after Thurs. night. Our central defense was swiss cheese and our GK ran out of position on all three goals. That can't be tolerated. Central midfield looks like the obvious concern vs. Atalanta. Here is Gazzetta's potential starting line ups as of Friday night:

22 Pelizzoli
5 Mexes
31 Dellas
8 Ferrari
30 Mancini
5 De Rossi
25 De Martino
2 Panucci
10 Totti
9 Montella
18 Cassano

A disposizione
12 Zotti
19 Scurto
32 Candela
21 D'Agostino
11 Corvia
99 Mido

Allenatore Del Neri
Chivu, Dacourt e Tommasi.

Cufrè, Aquilani e Perrotta

1 Taibi
13 Innocenti
24 Sala
25 Natali
16 Rivalta
19 Zenoni
8 Bernardini
53 Migliaccio
7 Marcolini
18 Montolivo
29 Pazzini

A disposizione
28 Calderoni
3 Calderoni
11 Budan
31 Lorenzi
21 Lazzari
26 Motta
22 Mingazzini

Allenatore D. Rossi

Albertini, Bellini

Forza La Roma

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Just did my prevew. Not sure if Dacourt is available or not yet so I did him as 50/50. Forza Roma, we need this win.

Also can I suggest a possible change in formation. If not the 3-4-3 then 4-3-3

Basically if we have any plans on using D'Ago:

-----------------De Rossi---Dacourt-----D'Agostino------------

Subs: Zotti, Candela, Mexes, De Martino, Mancini, Mido, Corvia.

No Mancini, not because I dont want us to use him anymoe, just because he is playing crap and needs more rest. Also Panucci is not so bad at coming forward from RB if we play this formation.

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Oh yes, my mistake, in that case Candela of course with Scurto making the bench.

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My only problem with the 3-4-3 is that we have to play at least one proper winger and that at the moment is not good for us with the current form of Mancini but we will see.


Well no Dacourt again, I put him in my preview but only as a slight chance but he is still not there. Which means De Martino and De Rossi will be the very inexperienced midfield. Even Atalanta who have a midfield of Bernadini and Migliaccio have some more experience than us.

I think this will be tougher than we expect, especially with the names missing so we will need to rely on the 3 attackers.

---Mancini-------De Rossi--De Martino---Panucci-

Bench: Zotti, Scurto, Sartor, Candela, D'Agostino, Corvia, Mido.

Again its nice to see Cerci called up for the experience and atmosphere. Also maybe he should even play soon if Del Neri doesnt want to give any chance to the other two strikers we have.

The team I did was actually the probable one, my actual team would see Candela on the instead of Panucci. I suppose in a back 3 Mexes needs to play so I would leave the back 3 as it is even if I dont like it currently.

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Primo, I would say that Pepe is a very average finisher. He is not so great even though he has scoed his 7 goals. I am almost sure that if Corvia and pepe had swapped position... Corvia would have 7 in 17 for Piacenza and Pepe would have 0 in 400 minutes for Roma.

I rate Corvia a little more highly even if Pepe is currently ahead of Corvia in the U21 pecking order. Pepe for sure has been in all the Italy youth systems since an early age so cant be so bad, but from what I have seen of him, he is a goos striker with good runs and decent technique, but quite average at finishing.

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del neri MUST use the 3-4-3 formation this time because the players available are not 4-4-2 material

i think the formation must be somthing like this

-------------- zotti (yes ZOTTI) -------------
----- mexes ----- ferrari ------ dellas -------
mancini ---- de rossi --- de martino --- d'agostino
----- totti ----- montella ----- cassano -------

bench : pelizzoli , scurto, candela, panucci, corvia, mido, cerci

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Why Ferrari in the middle? Zotti isn't perfect either but perhaps eventually one of our goalies will raise themselves up to a good level such as to a Lupatelli, De Sanctis or perhaps even a Buffon level. Scurto could play for Mexes so he doesn't have so much pressure or stress on him. Scurto could also possibly replace Mexes all together if he starts impressing. Of course this is me putting to much faith in a young player again. Candela will probably start over D'Agostino, which is a choice I agree with as Candela has impressed more this season than D'Agostino. Perhaps we should play Cassano behind Totti as Cassano is more willing to go back track then our Captain right now.

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Scurto is not so great, he gives all e has but he is not Serie A level currently IMO!
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