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I went to this game because it was almost in my backyard and i need football :)

To be short : the game was boring !!

Anderlecht started with : De Wilde; Dheedene, De Boeck, Staelens, Vandiemen, Goor, Vanderhaeghe, Bassegio, Stoica and Koller and Mbemba.

First highlight was that the ball went out the stadium and went through a window..
Roda was the better team in the beginning but only were dangerous once. Then Anderlecht took control of the game but they had no big chances. And as a big surprise Roda took the lead in the first halve after a header of (who do you think ;)) Bob Peeters.
That was all about the game facts for the first halve. Now the players : Anderlecht won't miss Zetterberg after what i saw today. Vanderhaeghe might not be the buy for the future but he makes a golden triangle with Stoica and Bassegio. These three players were really dominating and Bassegio was playing very good. He made some nice individual actions and passes and was also great with Stoica. Vanderharghe completed it. This will be the key for Anderlecht next season i think.
Mbemba was hard working but not good in the game. All players were actually very agressive and kept running.

Between the halves Stoica, Staelens, Koller, Vanderhaeghe and Mbemba were substituted for Radzinski, Ilic, Dindane, Hasi and Crasson.

The second halve was even more boring with sometimes some highlights so you just couldn't fell asleep ;)
Anderlecht deserved the draw but it stayed 1-0.

Now the players. Let's first start with Dindane ! Oh my GOD! He will be the man for next season if he gets his chances. He was already more dangerous in 5 minutes then Mbembe in 45 min.. A great individual action and an even greater shot on goal what just went aside. He amazed me with his skills. He still has to improve but man, the guy is great! You will have lots of fun with this guy.
Hasi played a bad game. Big difference with VAnderhaeghe. If he keeps playing like this he will be on the bench. Crasson played a decent game and made a solid impression. Ilic was a good substitute for Staelens and it would even be better if they played together i think.

So, that was it for now. The game sucked for a neutral fan but i learned already some about the new players from Anderlecht.
Tomorrow i might go to Maasland - Genk and Tuesday Kermt-STVV and i maybe will know something more about Zokora gOD..

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