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.. in Madrid.

hehe, did i scared you ?? :) :)

Roberto Carlos will retire in Real Madrid. The Brazilian has signed a contract until the 30 of June of year 2005. He will stay until the end of his career at Real. Well , i love such players who stay with their club and don't go away to earn more money. He will get a enough $$ with you and he is playing with one of the best teams in the world, but still i think it is very loyal of him.

Here are some words of him : "I feel identified with this equipment, the city, its people... I am a madridista and I will follow here many years more."

"What I know clearly is that no longer I will play in another team. It is possible when i finishe my contract with Real Madrid i'm going back to Brazil. My team always has been Palmeiras, but I will only be in Real Madrid playing on great level.

"I always have been wanted to be in Real Madrid. I am very contented of the effort that the club has done. It is evident that I will retire in Real Madrid. Here I have gained everything what a soccer player can obtain. I amuse myself playing soccer and this I value very much."

Well he be 'loved' even more by the fans now ? ;)

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Only BIG TIME losers go to INter!And Roberto Carlos is everything but a loser!

Forza Roberto Carlos!
Forza Magico Milan!
Hala Madrid!
Allez Les Bleus!
Arriba Espana!

The world will be...Rossonero...again!
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