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Brazil's Roberto Carlos set for Spanish citizenship

MADRID (Reuters)(DS) - Real Madrid's Brazilian-born defender Roberto Carlos is set to
take Spanish citizenship, but he wants to continue playing for his national team.
Roberto Carlos said he plans to become a naturalised Spaniard within the next year.
"It will be a great source of pride for me to do so," he was quoted as saying by sports
daily As on Monday.
But he added: "I have never let Brazil down and will always be ready to defend my
country's colours."
Roberto Carlos is currently with the national squad in Brazil, preparing for a World
Cup qualifier against Uruguay on Wednesday.
Last season, he showed signs of knee problems as Real Madrid battled to an eighth
European Cup win.
"My knee has been giving me trouble. The only thing is to give it a complete rest," he
told As. "That's why I won't be playing with the national side at the Olympic Games in
He attributed Real's success last season largely to Vicente del Bosque, who initially
stood in as temporary coach after John Toshack left the club.
"He brought a calming effect to the club," said Roberto Carlos. "I think we can go far
with him."
Central to any Real success next season is the continued presence of controversial
French striker Nicolas Anelka, the Brazilian said.
"Please, don't sell Anelka. Nico was fundamental in the final phase of the season,"
Roberto Carlos said.

with roberto carlos getting EU nationality we can now buy RONALDINHO.

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Even once this happens (which might not be for another season), I still think we are at the limit if not over of non-EU players no?

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Hala- I second those wows as well and generally agree with RC. However, as right as he is that Anelka was fundamental in the final part of the season, we'll have to see if he wants to be fundamental in the way that we need as opposed to the way that he wants.

Let's hope it all works out

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Hopeful that Geremi will still be a Madridista for the next temporada. All the reports seem to be going against that for now. =)

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Well, what would you do, if you were me? i mean one of your favorite players is said to be leaving. Hope is all I have left, my friend:) Oh and one more thing - why don't you use the smiles in xtratime? I mean instead of pressing =), like you always do, press : and then ), and you'll get this --> :) it looks better than your =), doesn't it? :D
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