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EXCLUSIVE Inter story is pack of lies, rages Roberto Carlos

Wednesday 16th January 2002

Real Madrid full-back Roberto Carlos has claimed quotes attributed to him in Italy suggesting he is desperate for a return to Internazionale are a complete frabrication.

The Brazilian claims the latest speculation arises from a conversation with Italian journalists this week, when he flatly denied any interest in returning to Serie A.

"They wrote that I have a good relationship with Inter coach Hector Cuper, but how can I say I like him as a manager when I don't know him. I have never met Cuper in my life," he told onefootball.com.

"I am really shocked about the stuff being published in Italy. The reporters I spoke to after training didn't even have a tape recorder, so I am sure they just wanted me to say something like I was willing to return to Inter – but I never said any such a thing.

"I couldn't be happier than I am now at Real Madrid and I have no intention of moving," he stated.

Roberto Carlos puts the stories down to spite. "I guess the journalists didn't like it when I told them that the Spanish league was more fun and better than Serie A," he said.

"They probably got angry and wanted to land me in trouble, but they won't get anywhere because everybody who knows me will confirm I have no intention of returning to Italy.

"I feel good here and I am winning titles with Real. What else can I ask for?"

The Italian sports press splashed quotes reputedly from Roberto Carlos across their front pages on Wednesday.

He reportedly said: "I would love to go back to Inter. They have never had a good left back and I think that I would ideal. Going back to the club is something that fascinates me and I believe that I will eventually have that opportunity.

"I did not win anything during my time in Italy, while I think that I have won all that is possible with Real.

"My time at Inter left a strange taste in my mouth. It has left me wanting more and has filled me with a desire to play for them and help them win things again.

"I often speak to my friend Javier Zanetti, who is captain of the team, and he says that Inter fans still think a lot of me.

"I think the current Inter squad is very strong and I really like the coach, Hector Cuper. He is one of the best coaches in the game and is bringing the best out of Ronaldo, which is great news for Brazil in the World Cup.

"But for me to go back there can only happen if Massimo Moratti and Jorge Valdano discuss the possibility. Obviously there is my buy-out clause which would be the biggest stumbling block, but I'm sure that could be sorted out with some negotiation.

"People say that it is easier for South Americans to adapt to the lifestyle and the football in Spain, because in Italy there is a greater emphasis on tactics, but to me that is a great challenge.

"I hear people say that I cannot defend, but I would fill Inter's left-back position perfectly. When I go forward, Ivan Helguera covers me and in a 4-4-2 formation. I can play as a midfielder.

"Inter have always been the No 1 club for me in Italy and my ambition is to go there and win things."

Roberto Carlos signed for Real in 1996 after a disappointing year with Inter. He is contracted at the Bernabeu for another four seasons.

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Filling the left back position perfectly my ass! :rolleyes:

Roberto Carlos has never been a good defender.His tacklings are vulgar when he makes them and he´s very poor in the air,which makes him very vulnerable.He´s just an attacking defender that needs space on the flank.That´s why he would do no good for us.It´s been proven already that a defender of Roberto Carlos´ kind can not work in a 4-4-2 formation with Inter,hence Georgatos failour.

Roberto Carlos is an intensive player with good crosses and technique,but if we are gonna have a good left flank,we need someone with defensive qualities.Roberto Carlos doesn´t have that IMO,and therefore buying him would be a huge mistake.

So I´m glad that he denies the rumours about this. :happy:
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