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Definately worth getting.
The best Italian midfielder around......contrary to popular belief he is not a playmaker he is a player exactly like DiBiagio. With playmaking ability but definately a defencive midfielder.

Now We gave Lazio Peruzzi. When we gave him to Lazio we should have gotten Baronio then. Then Lazio wouldn't have any one to tempt us with.

Now is he worth losing Vieri over? Well i don't know.....Yes Vieri is an untouchable in every team he plays in but if this injury thing of his doesn't stop then he may be leaving Meazza next season at a greatly reduced price.

Who knows? Anyway.....Baronio is top class. Anyone who doesn't think he should be at INTER needs to wake up and watch some of his games at Reggina last season.

Even from the season before when he came on as 19 year old against INTER at Meazza and helped humiliate us setting up two great goals for Nedved and Consescao in the second half as the stormed past us 3-5. Baroni is a class act.

Having said that IMHO Vieri should however stay. Give them Jugovic and Sousa and mabye even Ventola/Kallon if they want him but not Vieri.

FORZA PIRLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TAZZ, you can say give them Sousa, Ventola, Kallon, or whoever, but Cragotti wants VIERI.....PERIOD!!!!

anywayz, i just got an idea.....remember when Lippi said that he plans to use Recoba in his long term plans???well, i think that INTER do have a plan, but it all hinges on the one and only RONALDO....think about it....if INTER sell Vieri now, they will get a potential superstart in Baronio to play with Seedorf, Pirlo and whoever in midfield....BUT, with Vieri going, and RONALDO POSSIBLY COMING BACK AT 100% (notice how i said "possibly") Lippi can use Recoba with Ronaldo and put Salas on the bench with Sukur, that way, INTER have a potent attack with good bench players....

With that being said, i wish there was a way to get Baronio without losing Vieri....

Imagine the Lazio attack....


Imagine INTER attack....


also, imagine the INTER midfield.....


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I dont think it is worth giving away vieri for that price.
We really need him next season. I think him missing the euro will just make him healthier and better for next season. the guy wants to stay in milan for his new chick. let the man stay. we will only benifit from him staying, i dont care who they are offering.

now, anyone who's been ditching lippi can open their eyes......lippi IS going after the italian talent, he's a little overloaded so he's going about it slowly.....he might risk the team if he SUDDENLY introduces 6 young italians into the team....brocchi, baronio, vieri, colonnese (don't be surprised if u see him much more next season)......he's tryying, but it's not easy, it'll take time......like i said, he has a long term plan, and that's why he's not fired..........
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