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Robert Pires signed from Marseille

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This is from Marca, hot off the presses:

Real Madrid files to the French Robert Pires

Robert Pires is new player of Real Madrid. The agreement is total and the international French will play in the equipment that directs Vicente of the Forest from next the 30 of June. Pires has 27 years and in the two last seasons it has defended the t-shirt of Marseilles. The draftee of Pires is going to him to cost to the madridista organization nine million and means of dollars (1,600 million pesetas). The international Gaul will sign a contract with the Real Madrid of a duration of five seasons, but until it does not finish the Eurocopa could not be presented/displayed with Real Madrid. The French occupied a preferred place in the list of reinforcements processed by the white technical body. Aside from the specificationses that hoard, the white technicians have considered the good character and perfect the adaptation to any clothes that have demonstrated the French.
Marseilles crosses a delicate sport situation as much as economic. The enormous voltage that the French club has lived has taken him to complete a terrible season and to see itself forced to come off itself some of his values like it was the Italian Ravanelli, that let the equipment to file by the Lazio. In the case of Pires the leaders of Marseilles refused to negotiate the crossing of the French player of Spanish origin when considering him an essential player for the future sport of the equipment and by the great charisma that he has within the liking. This way, the Real one Madrid has been forced to put to pay the post of clásula that there is in his contract and that promotes to nine million and means of dollars (little more than 1,600 million pesetas), amount that will make effective in the next days.

Several supplies
The supply of the madridista organization was not the unique one on which Pires counted. The Arsenal put on the table enough more money to him than Real Madrid, but the midfield player has not doubted and he has inclined by the madridista supply. In this decision it has had to do the Spanish origin of Pires much. The mother of the future madridista player is of Oviedo, whereas his father is natural of Portugal. Before giving Real Madrid yes. Pires asked Karembeu and Anelka on the white club. The information that received were positive and is that Anelka speaks well of Real Madrid in spite of the problems that it had during the season. In addition, the presence of Pires will be one more an incentive for the continuity of the forward in the madridista equipment.
Robert Pires is midfield player although sometimes he has played in the attack end. Its good leg is the right, although it handles the left to equal level. It can play in both bands and its main quality is regate. It has good vision of game and although the goal has arrival to the opposite area is not its main argument to the hor

BTW he can also play behind the forwards aside from a winger/forward. For $9.5M, I think he's a pretty good buy. It remains to be seen though whether he can be the playmaker we all want, or if he's to be even used as a playmeker.
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for once in my life im happy to see a player signed by real:)
the reason is that i hate arsenal and i hope they lose all great players.
parma was after lauren in 2 years,but arsenl with the looooooser arsene wenger signed him.
now pires who has been a arsenal target in over 2 years are signed by real,im really happy for that.
i hope lazio will sign overmars,and inter petit.
kanu might quit,suker will leave.
and wenger can go back to his france.....
This is really good news I'm sure that Pires will be an great for Real Madrid:D
He is class, Real are smart to sign him. Now they have Macca, Redondo, Pires, whoelse? Anyway, i wish Juve bought him. Instead we go for Vieira the retard (no offense)
He's been signed for 8-million-pounds, not too bad, but I think he's worth slightly more than that.

I'm pretty disappointed that the Arsenal deal didn't go through, but Arshole Wanker, was being a serious arsehole about it, not wanting to buy Pires until he knew what Overmars,Petit,Viera were going to do, and now he still doesn't but has lost Pires, what an idiot!
ZHmmmm...I don't know what to say. I must admit I'm not a great fan of Pires' and even less so, as this may be the nail in the cofin for Geremi. We all know Pires is optionally a left/right winger and we als know he has no chance in a confrontation with Savio. That leaves the right side and Geremi:(:(:( Macca will probably be a free role next year and he'll fight with Guti for the centermidfield place. Redondo will have backup in Cambiasso (or Makalele, Celades?). Anyway this is a serious threat to Geremi IMO and that's why I'm not too happy. I do though agree the price is great for such a talented fella, and somewhere deep I believe this is not the replacement for my geremi, only for the Karembeu, who is now definitely outa here..! We'll see I guess:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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