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Robbie Keane, new Inter's idea

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With Marcelo Salas nearer to Parma, thanks also to a long talk the Chilean had with his agent Gustavo Mascardi, Inter looks for new ideas to complete its attack needs.

To reach Roberto Muzzi (Udinese) or Sylvain Wiltord (Bordeaux) seems to be very difficult so the easiest target is still David Di Michele, 24 years old, top scorer of Salernitana in last season. To sell the player the Southern Italy club wants 20 billion lire (euros 10.3m) and the young midfielder Franco Semioli.

But 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' reports on Sunday the Inter's directors has another idea in mind: to sign from Coventry the rising star of Irish soccer Robbie Keane, 20.

The Italian club already approached the player some months ago, then they gave up. Now it seems Inter could take it for around 30 billion lire (euros 15.5m), and the Massimo Moratti's club is expected to decide what to do within the end of the next week.

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Who is this guy?
Has anybody seen him play?
How good is he?
I've seen him play. He is a talented young player. Very fast too. I don't mind if Robbie played for Inter. Would be really interesting to see him in action (in Serie A).

Anyone else who share my oppinion about this player?
He would be an excellent signing for you. He’s young, talented, fast, good technique, powerful inside the penalty area and best of all not British: not overrated:). But I do suspect that his price tag is higher then 30 billions.
For that kind of money, better players can be bought. Robbie Keane is good in England, thats it!!!! 15.5 million can buy Inter maybe a good striker in Italy.
Robbie Keane is an excellent signing.Maybe the price is a bit to high but if vier was worth 90m than r.k. is wort more than 15m.He has best technique on island,he is fast he is a great fighter.He is great with both legs an he's only 20.
I would really like to see him in front with V32 (at least until R9 is back)
Being Irish I know a lot about the guy and I've seen basically every major competitive match he's played. He's talented and I'm a fan of his BUT there's no way he's ready for Serie A.

For me the main problem is his tendency to dribble, which he can do great in England but he just isn't good enough to do the same in Italy. And he isn't prolific enough for Inter to play huge money for him.

I should add that he has an absolutely outstanding international goal record for the Rep of Ireland and has put in great displays against Argentina and Yugoslavia recently. But a move to Inter would be bad for him and the club
He is decent player but not an INTER class player as yet.

he is very young and versatile and can carry the ball well but he cannot play like that in Serie A.

he needs to hone his skills and carry them to another level befor ehe thinks of being an INTER player.
How do you know that he won't make it in the Serie A? Please let me know.

Robbert Keane eh?? i don't THINK so!! can any of you guys give me an explaination on why he could be good for Inter??

Here is my analysis: He was quite good at WOLVES, the English 1st division club, then i can only say he was OK at Conventry, EPL club, if he comes to Inter he could be S*** ya' know... a player like Keane is not ready to play in Inter, not to say in Italy! I believe he would not be good enough in Italy ;)

I see you support Chelsea my friend and that is probably why you don't see that Robbies Keane is not ready for Italy because you probably think the EPL is a good league :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Keane cannot handle Serie A yet its obvious to anyone who watches Keane and watches Serie A.

Mabye in a year or two he would be ready.

What i definately do believe though is that both he and Michael Owen will someday be ready for Italy but neither of them are ready yet.
Inter reveal Keane hopes

Italian giants Inter Milan have revealed their intentions to land Coventry City's Republic of Ireland international Robbie Keane.
Inter boss Marcelo Lippi is a known admirer of the player and reports have suggested that the Milan outfit have first option on the talented young striker.
Coventry have continually refuted these stories but Inter's managing director Gabriele Oriali has been quoted on his club's desire to land the fleet-footed striker and eventually pair him with Chilean Marcelo Salas, who the club are chasing from Lazio.
Oriali confirmed: "First Keane and then eventually, the Chilean."
The Sky Blues have yet to comment on these latest developments but Keane is happy at Highfield Road and feels the club are on the road to bigger things.
Speaking in May Keane said: "I don't think I'm marking time at Coventry, at all. They are building a new stadium which will hold 40,000 fans. It will need to be filled but I believe we can do that
no, no, i dont want Robbie Keane in here. and neither Scholes, which is the recent "Inter's Favorites"
CM!!!!!!! listen up bro......every article on the net is not worth the RAM it took.

Seriously bro. every article you find on teh net about INTER you copy and paste here which is totally not necessary bro. We all have access to the net and we all read these every day.

honestly bro. this type of articel is garbage and so is http://www.teamtalkworld.com. I once read an article on there saying that after Baggio scored with his left foot against Parma in the play-off that Vieri asked Baggio if that was the first goal he ever scored with his left foot. That was ridiculous because Vieri wasn't even at the press conference and Baggio didn't say he asked him that. they simply made it up because vieri said sommin in Baggio's ear after he came off. they assumed it was that........PUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha good to see you using the phrase "teamtoss", Tazz, which I pioneered a couple of weeks ago in the teamtalk thread in the transfer sections. I think it pretty much sums up the sheer s***ness of the organization.

I have to agree that it doesn't really need to be posted as anyone can simply go to teamtalk.com if they want B.S stories from English loser hacks.

Anyway this is a Robbie Keane topic: he shouldn't come, I seriously doubt he will coz this whole Salas thing looks like its finally gonna happen. Better for Inter and young Keane who needs time to develope.
Oriali has said that Keane comes first,not Salas. So if Coventry accepts we will see Keane and probably not Salas. It would be stupid to buy both of them. I would rather see Keane wearing the Inter jersey than Salas.
inter have comfirmed they want a striker
either salas or keane
but it looks like salas has a bigger chance of coming to the san siro this season

who do you think we will sign ?
Salas and Keane.... this is getting out of hand, i think Inter would be better with myself as the president! :D:D:D:D :p

NO SALAS AND KEANE!!!!! We don't want neither of them!!! why does Inter keep doing this?? Salas is too big a name for Inter, if he comes, other big names like Recoba Vieri Ronaldo Sukur Zamo are going to be very unhappy!! if Inter really REALLY want to buy another striker, i would rather see Keane bcos at least this guy couldn't say anything if he was put on bench every week or even end up in the reserve squad, at least he hasn't got the RIGHT to yet.

>>>>>>>> SALAS would complain Keane won't! :rolleyes:
>>>>>>>> therefore KEANE is a better choice :rolleyes:
moratti promise keane or salas!!!!!!!!
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