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Roadtrip to EURO 2008 or at least somebody holding our flag

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It's better to open a new thread for the possible trip to Austria/Switzerland. We could do our planning in here.

All right, refer to this thread for the beginning of the discussion: http://www.xtratime.org/forum/showthread.php?t=217780&page=13

So far, we have:

Toon (Possibly)
Eclipse (Possibly)
Lupi (Possibly)
Rumaniac (Possibly)
Gica (He didn't reply yet, but if he doesn't come, we'll go to Spain and drag him all the way to the Euro!)

Problems to solve:

- Tickets
- Money (Individual case)
- Transportation to Austria/Switzerland
- Transportation within Austria/Switzerland
- Housing
- Food
- Coordination to get all of us together at all the games we plan to assist

Let the (possible) journey begin
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For sure. what do you think the cost will be?

I make around 900$ canadian a month minimum..

I wna see if I can do that, a football trip to Scotland for tryouts, and Cruise with family.. It will be hard ;)
What I'm worried about is shits going to cost like 4-5,000$
Plane approx 600-1200
Hotels- 500-700
Food probably 350-500
Tickets- no clue..
transportation- 100

max 2500 but i'm sure i'm forgetting things..
put a picture of me and say " Barcelona sign him ! " :D
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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