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Where the Brazilian best football is played? In Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo? There some differences in the style football is played in RJ and SP? Who have more players in the national team, the teams from RJ or those from SP?


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Aquila ,
that is a Brilliant question.:)
the rivalrly between RJ and SP is very big, although not as quite as it used ot in the past.
In hte 50's I owuld say the Rio footabll was better.....Maracana helped a lot with that , plus Rio was the capital of Brazil back then and the city had more money compared to what it has now.(Although Sao Paulo has always been rich, and if they were on their own, they would probably be a developed country, due to so many factories they have).
In the 60's with Pele, the football of Sao Paulo gained a huge massive force, with Rio having the great Botafogo team of Nilton Santos, Garrincha and Didi....just to name a few.
In the meantime clubs from Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) like Cruziero and Atletico-MG, started appearing more in the national scene in the late 60's with Tostao, Dirceu Lopez and Piazza being able to beat the santos of Pele in 68 in the Robertao cup (its an extint cup).
In the 70's Vasco were pretty strong, and in the Sao Paulo end it had the great Palmeiras of Ademir da Guia, Dudu and Luis Pereira nicknamed as the Academy of Football. But the best team of the decade was Internacional of Porto Alegre, with Falcao, Figueroa etc.. winning 3 Brazilian titles. Also Cruzeiro again doing good winning a Libertadores with Jairzinho, Raul, Dirceu Lopez.
In the 80's it was a total domination of Rio, specially because of one guy named Zico....and his nickname The Galinho de Quintino :)...known by his relatives as Artur Antunes Coimbra:)
Their were simply great games when vasco and Flamengo met...one side a team that played by music with Zico, Leandro, Raul, Junior, Mozer, Andrade, Adilio, Nunes, etc.. and the other had Roberto Dinamite. It was simply brilliant..with flamengo winning the battles localy nationally, continentally and worlwide (humiliating Liverpool of Kenny Dalglish, Souness, Rush etc...3x0 in Tokio only in the first half).:) I saw Zico saying in an interview las tmonth taht dalglish was laughing at Junior's moustach, and then Junior just told Zico in the tunnel...."let's put them to dance today Galinho"!:) and they did:)
In the Sao Paulo end....Sao Paulo made a brilliant team, with yungsters and some veterans around them...Careca, Muller, Silas, Oscar, Falcao, Sidnei, Dario Pereyra (Uruguayan) etc.. they were called the munuds.
in the 90's basically Sao Paulo state ruled all the way....the footabll of rio fell in so much corruption and bad administrastion, while the Sao Paulo footbal teamed up with big companies (Ex: Palmeiras- Parmalat 93 and Corinthians Hicks and Muse 99) It had 3 phases of domination...at the start of the decade Sao Paulo with Tele Santana, build a team that was comparable only with the one he built in 82 for brazil....the 2 differences, this time he had no Zico :( and this time he won every single tournament of the face of the Earth. Rai was the symbol of the team.
In 92 Palmeiras teamed up with parmalat to make an end to their 17 year no title spell...the title came up the next year, when they bought a whole squad of millionairs a brought an uprising manager who had to prrove his brilliance and he did...the manager was Luxemburgo..adn the team had: Evair, C Sampaio, Mazinho, Edmundo, Rincon, Edilson, ZInho, Roberto Carlos, Antonio Carlos, Cleber etc....the won 2 brazilian championships and 2 sao paulo state. (93-94). then at the end of the decade, Corinthians brought players that were negletected almost every were to build a super team...and we stole Luxemburgo from Santos. the team was phenomenal....Marcelinho, Ricaridnho, Rincon, Gamarra, Edilson, Vampeta, Silvinho , all these players when they started 98 had something to prrove and were low in their careers...adn they gave us the title in 98 and whoever stayed gave us in 99 :)
The bassic diference of style is that in rio the footabll is slower, its more techinical...its more malicious ..its more "SAMBA" :) While in Sao Paulo its more neurotic....quicker, harder tackles and the supporters shouting more. Probably because the way the 2 cities are..Rio beach laid back...Sao Paulo neurotic, industrialized.......and both are chaotic!
hope ok aquila :)
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