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Yes, this was last week's game.....and i just saw the highlights from this game.

After the highlights were over....i was practicallyshocked......those who have seen the highlights will understand me. The ref was attacked by Rizeplayers from the first minute to the last whistle of the game. After every call that was called against them the Rize players, with Kürsat as the most agressive one (the captain), attacked the ref.......it's first now i understand what a tremendous pressure there must be on Turkish refs.....it doesnt matter what the ref calls in Türkiye....someone is always pissed from either side.

But the way the ref was attacked in this game was frightening....but believe it or not the ref was so determined to not let the preesure from the Rize crowd and Rize players affect his decisions......dont know his name (i will look it up though) but this was probably the best ref performance in Türkiye as far as i can remember.

What pisses me more is that after all that has happened these last weeks in Turkish football.....people behave like nothing happened 2 weeks ago....on the contarary....it seemed like it has gotten worse.

At half time civilians verbally abused the ref in the players tunnel..... :confused:....civilians....and the police is just watching....if it hadnt been for others around the civilians would have bashed the ref.

What im trying to say is that i would never even consider being a ref in Türkiye....probably the most hated and dangerous jobs on earth.

Even if they suck many times they dont deserve to put up with so much threatening by players, fans and board members.

Imagine yourself going to work and being scared all the time..... :rollani:

p.s. i really hope rizespor gets a massive punishment....the actions of their players, fans and technical staff is unacceptable!
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