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Rivals watch

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This is a thread to keep up with the news from our rivals in the WC.

Ecuador lose to Brazilian club Porto Alegre in World Cup warm-up
QUITO, May 1 (AFP)
Ecuador lost to Brazilian club Internacional de Porto Alegre 2-1 in a World Cup warm-up here on Wednesday.
Diogo Fontoura and Cassio de Abreu scored for Internacional in the second half though Edison Mendez of Ecuador pulled one back four minutes from time.
Ecuador meet Mexico, Croatia and Italy in Group G of the May 31 to June 30 football showcase event in Korea and Japan.


Ecuador is hard to predict, they're first timers in the world cup but they finished second in South American qualifying. This is a rather bad loss for them, but still only a friendly.

I'm confident we can beat them, I don't think they'll manage a goal against us but then you never know, they could be a spoiler. They could come out hard, determined to prove themselves on the world stage, or they could be nervous.

It's important for us to play well against them, it's our first game and you wanna start off well.
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heres the big differnce between Ecuador/Mexico and nasi.

The heat.

Japanese summers are very humid. almost unbearable.

thats the only thing im afraid of.
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