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The Football Fans Census has taken a look at rivalries in football - and after collecting the views of 28000 football fans have provided a fascinating insight into who the clubs view as their biggest adversaries.
A survey conducted in December turned up some fascinating quirks - with Arsenal fans nominating Manchester United ahead of traditional rivals Tottenham and Burnley emerging as the second biggest rivals behind Manchester United!

Asked for their primary and secondary rivals, less than half of the 92 league clubs had a rivalry that was two-way - with both sides agreeing that the other was their biggest rivalry.

22 percent of fans questioned confirmed that their main rival was now no longer their traditional rival - most notably Arsenal who did not plump for Tottenham.

Arsenal - Man Utd
Aston Villa - Birmingham
Birmingham - Aston Villa
Blackburn - Burnley
Bolton - Man Utd
Charlton - Millwall
Chelsea - Arsenal
Everton - Liverpool
Fulham - Chelsea
Leeds - Man Utd
Leicester - Nottm Forest
Liverpool - Man Utd
Man City - Man Utd
Man Utd - Liverpool
Middlesbrough - Newcastle
Newcastle - Sunderland
Portsmouth - Southampton
Southampton - Portsmouth
Tottenham - Arsenal
Wolves - WBA

I think they're all pretty much as expected. Except the small time cockneys picking us over Spurs or Chelsea. Seems like they might have overtaken us as the team with the most glryhunters latching onto them, they can't remember their real rivals. At least we've still gone for The Scum. :D
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