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Rivaldo, Totti or Raul ???

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I think Lazio should better buy Totti or Raul than Rivaldo.
Rivaldo is old enough(28 years)
Totti and Raul are young pleyers but they have great skills.

Totti or Raul will be good addition for Lazio


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Yeah, I don't think Madrid would sell Raul...he belongs in Real, really.
And about Totti...don't you think there'll be some clashes as to where we should place him?
Casillas is not a safe bet either (though if he were, Madrid won't sell him either as he's so promising). His performance is still rather erratic; in one game he plays splendidly, in the next, he's quite nervous and makes some mistakes...you'll know what I mean if you watch Primera and Real Madrid in particular) weekly...
I guess the best bet is still Toldo for 'keeper though it's still uncertain.
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