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Raul Madrid is indeed one of our funny phrases. He is for now not for sale. In yesterdays interview he stated he would love to end his career with real and that is his aim, but if he doesn't get playing time(which is impossible) he would decide to move. So practically it means Real have a new Hierro or Sanchis.

As for Casillas, it is true that Cesar is coming back from loan at Valladolid, but you never know in what form he will be, so it's good to have such a great back-up. Real will not sell Casillas, because the price would never reveal his true quality in the future. I hope this has cleared some thing s up. BTW if you're looking for a GREAT striker from la Liga look no further then our cross town rivals Atletico. they will be relegated this year(believe me) and Hasselbaink will be as cheap as ^&%$^%!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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