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Rivaldo just thinks he earns too little, oh yeah...

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Annoyed by the possible departure of his Barcelona team-mate Luis Figo, unsettled Brazilian star Rivaldo has blamed the club for their failure to compete by not paying top-level salaries to their stars.

“Barcelona players seem to be valued more outside the club. The new president must make an effort to make sure their players stay at the club. Barcelona are one of the richest clubs in the world. If Lazio, Milan or Real Madrid can pay a Barcelona player, how can it be possible that Barcelona themselves can’t?” Rivaldo said in an interview with the Madrid daily ‘Marca’ on Friday.

“Footballers are the assets of the club and while we always get attacked for demanding more money, we have to think of the future when nobody remembers us any more.”

With Milan currently attempting to lure the Brazilian to Italy in an astronomical £44.6 million (€72.1m) move, Rivaldo is expecting to negotiate an improved contract with the club. It appears likely that after Sunday the club’s new president, either Joan Gaspart or Lluís Bassat, will have to dig deep into their pockets to keep hold of the player.

“I have had experience of negotiations with Rivaldo and we understand each other. What he wants is for us to listen to him and that’s what we’re going to do,” Gaspart told reporters on Thursday.

“I thank Rivaldo for not taking advantage of the club’s elections. His attitude has been much better than Figo’s as he is waiting for the new president to be elected.”

St. M.
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give me 1% of what he earns and i'll be happy:)
ze da fiel, give me the other 99 percent and we'll both be happy!
I will falcao.....but nly if you pay my bills, and my trips to Brazil every weekend :)
ze, irmao meu, if i had 99 percent of rivaldo's salary, we would be in brazil all the time.
Ze da Fiel and falcao:

From a rookie in California ("rookie" is never have flown south of the equator) what btw does a short trip to S.P. and Rio cost, say from Miami? Air, hotels, food, etc.

Does the cost go up dramatically if one tries to do it at Carnaval?

Is Rio as "dangerous" as some report, or is it all bull****?

When you have time, thanks. Is there a separate page in Brasil for this off-soccer sort of stuff?

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rivaldo earns too litle,oh yeah......:mad:
he should be happy he is a soccer star,if he wasn't this good he would still be on the streets and look for food.
he was born poor so i believe this chance to earn some money in his life was just enough for him:mad:
in the off season you can get tickets for 450. until 15 of december..then it shopuld be 750 something like that.
If you go to carnival don't stay in RIo..go to Olinda in the north east...its free and its in the street.
Rio is dangerous, but if you don't wear jewerley and take care of yourself ...like acting normal and not being scared of nothing, you'll have no problem. It's like every big city, just pout you shorts on and go to the beach...bobody will rob you cause you wil not have nothign to rob!:)
Well, Ze, that gives me the opportunity to paste a little info I have copied for coming carneval. Here's the information (and you maybe find it familiar :) ):

The alternative:
It's a historical city north of Recife. You can listen to any sound you want, you meet crazy people from al over the world, its a city with Colonial Baroque architecture etc...etc...etc.. mixture of colour, sounds, crazyiness, people, dances, costumes etc....and it is FREE! What better deal can you get? Now of course if you go to Brazil you HAVE to go to Rio, otherwise you have not been to Brazil. You can go to Rio before carnival and work your way up.....then reach Porto Seguro....a beach resort were Brazil was discovered, by Pedro Alvares Cabral 500 years ago....and then go to Salvador.....spend a good week their....and then in Carnival LEAVE Salvador..it wil be a bit tough, but its the best.....as the mainly the blacks of Salvador are a bit rough And in Carnival you GO to Olinda......after that and if you like loads of partying I doubt you will come back to your country.
Also if you like modern arquitecture you can go to my city, Brasilia......but just spend a day or 2, as their is not much partying going on their, compared to the rest of the country....and it is a bit expensive.
But Rio and Salvador spend a good week in each of them . When you go to Rio also check the evolution of the city in arquitecture...the city center is Baroque...and then thorought the beach the buildings start getting newer, with many places that are partof the history of Brasil, as Rio used to be the capital
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In a file I called "Februar", german version of february, of course... :)

I'd like to do the two continents I've never been to within month. Africa (maybe Capedown) in december and SA (the mentioned Brazilian tour) in february :)

Won't happen though, as this would be like student days. If I take 3 weeks for Southafrica and 4 weeks for Brazil, I guess I the company shows me the fu** off sign....

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