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if we sell almeyda and salas what are we gonna do with rivaldo.
rivaldo is one of the best,i know
but i rather keep the 4 players cragnotti mentioned and all the money.
rivaldo will be the most expensive player ever.
but i wanna see him in the lazio shirt.
if cragnotti really wants to sell some players,sell boksic and fernando couto,and maybe also stankovic,but never salas and almeyda.....

Rivaldo to Lazio , ok for me, but is he worth spending so much money ?? Maybe we could have bought 2 great players for that money. Rivaldo is surely a reinforcement for the squad. But now that we buy him we also have to sell a lot of players to bring on some money so we can buy Rivaldo. These are the players Cragnotti wants to sell (if i may believe the papers..) : Boksic, Salas, Almeyda and Stankovic.

Boksic : Is a good player but not great.. He plays some good games but can't repeat it. He is inconsistent for me. He can't play a whole season on a high level ! I also don't think you can see him as a striker but more als an upcoming midfielder. We surely can play and win without him i believe !

Salas : Last year he played great. This year it's a not so good but that doesn't mean he can't play football anymore. Give him some time and confidence and he will surely come back and will help Lazio to win !! He does everything for Lazio he can. He preferred Lazio above his country to play and help his team (how many players would do that ??). Also works all the time to help the team. Lazio doesn't have many first class strikers but he surely is although he hasn't proven it so much this season. Don't think we must sell this guy !

Almeyda : Is Cragnotti INSANE ?? If we should keep one of our players it would surely be Matias !! He is one of our best midfielders ! We need this guy. He does a lot of work on the midfield also gives all he has. He is one of the highest working guys on lazio midfield. Where are you gonna find a replacement for this guy ? nowhere, so don't sell him !

Stankovic : It is hard to say something about this player because i haven't seen him playing a lot. I think he has the talent but he needs to play more to develop and Lazio's midfield is great so he don't get many chances. Maybe we should loan him for one or two seasons to another club where he can play each game and improve himself. It's good for him AND Lazio !

I think that Cragnotti has no patience to build a team. It's great that he want's the best for Lazio but not at any price. If he makes some little changes to the team it would be enough i think. Maybe add one defender to the team, midfield is good we don't need anyone else only if someone's leaving. In the attack we would have Lopez, Inzaghi, Boksic ??, Salas ?? and Ravanelli becouse Mancini is retiring.. If we could get here one tall striker, good header, someone who can keep the ball then we only need ONE more thing : time and patience...
You can't expect a team to fit in too much more players and play great each game, they have to get used to each other and training is not the same as playing a game !
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