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I just read an article on Sportnetwork and I would like to know how some of you fellow Romanistas feel about the club.My personal opinion is that there is no single reason for our dreadful season so far,just a combination of many mainly reasons.Lack of money aided by the misfortune of having a stable manager leave so suddenly certainly added to our decline.Personally,I feel that this is only a transitional season,and I hope to see AS ROMA back in the top 4 next season.
The decline and fall of the Roma Empire now part I
By Itlalian Football - December 11 2004

“In the dressing room and during training there was such an oppressive and depressing atmosphere. Now things are much better and it shows in our results “There were many problems between us,”

“These repeated misunderstandings affected the overall team morale and players hardly ever spoke to each other. Now the situation has changed and we are more relaxed when going into a pre-match training camp.”
“Perhaps we all realised the situation was too bad to be true, so we took a conscious decision to turn that trend around. I maintain we showed more attacking spirit against Sampdoria and it was another step towards recovery.”

The words of Simone Perrotta, its just one thing after another with Roma at the moment following on from my piece earlier in the week of which there will be a link at the bottom of the page, comes yet more revelations.

Football in the capital has never been in such sorry of a state, I have personally been to numerous Rome derbies and enjoyed most of them, I mean from a Lazio standpoint anyway, I am Veronesse and we have an understanding sort of thing.

But what is happening at present gives me no pleasure, why are both Roman clubs in downfall? Mismanagement? Stupidity? Corruption? Whatever the reason it is way beyond time someone took control and ended this shambles.

Here's the link,Sportnetwork

Also,Romanistas,if you do not already,try this site for related AS ROMA news,Newsnow :thmbup:
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