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Could someone tell me offically who is Riquelme due to go to. I heard Boca's president wants about £18 million but Real will only offer £!3 million. Is this true?

What do the papers say? Who does he wish to go to? milan or Real Madrid.

Is the problem the fee or if Boca reach the Tokyo final they want him to play for them?

Veron maybe be going to Real is this true?

Please help!!!!!!

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well, there are different news. once, i read that milan has bough him already and he is coming next year, then i read that they are not interested anymore and real madrid is the likely team that he will end up in. but now i read that madrid has dropped out of the race maybe because they cant afford it. In my opinion, milan will be the team he will goto next year. requelme has said that he likes boths milan and real so he doesnt mind any of them, so things might not be official until this winter.

as for veron, there is no way! real can afford him. lazio is tagged him for 60million. real madrid cant even afford to buy requelme for 25million, how the hell would they ever afford veron?

i dont see it happening.
if, i mean IF veron does move, it will probably be to Inter milan.
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