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It stated at Ole newspaper that Santiago Solari -according to Lorenzo Sanz - will move to Real Madrid for $3.5 million. On the other hand Boca Juniors give their WORD that Juan Roman Riquelme will move to Barcelona- for $25 million- in January 2001. Riquelme- just like veron- always dreamed of playing for Barcelona. he, just like Maradona, started to play in Argentinos Juniors, before he moved and shine with Boca, and his next move would take him to Barcelona, just like Maradona. Real Madrid was very close to the player they have been watching him since he was 17 years old. But in the last 3 weeks Real's president said that $25 million is too much for Romy(Riquelme), and he is a good player but not a star or world class type!!

Jaume Llauradó, one of the candidates to the presidency of the Barcelona is behind this transfer. the elections will take place July 23. and it is not a smoke screen to win the election. To prove it the Catalan will present bank guarantees for 500 thousand dollars, a sign that certifies that the negotiations have the indispensable seriousness and they are not only firing campaign promises. Although Llauradó already said, by way of guarantee that all the other candidates- whoever win- assumed the commitment of buying Romy.

Will Román want to leave? "I would like to stay in Mouth, but it is spoken that they will extend my contract ..." The words of Riquelme reveal that its posture with regard to a possible transfer is no longer as inflexible as some years ago, when it rejected possibilities to move to Spain and Italy. At this time, Romy is in the fourth year of a contract of five, earning 180.000 dollars. And although starting from July he will earn $240.000, just as it was specified in the deal, he seeks to higher his wage in relate to his importance. Just like Palermo's wage, he wants $615.000.

"If they gave me the choice to choose a club, it would be Barcelona. There where Diego played", Riquelme said. His dream seems to be become a reality.

I think Romy deserve a higher salary.In River Plate, they pay Saviola-18 years old- $400.000, and in two years it will be close to $650.000

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