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Richard Teberio's website

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I just found a cool website about Finnish VeikkausLiiga club Inter Turku's Swedish scoring ace, Richard Teberio. Here's the address :


Teberio is a great player I think the Swedish NT should call him up for a game or two. He's pure class. What's your views on Teberio?
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He's pretty unknown in Sweden and has never made any big succes here.
I think he's a little bit too old to be called up now...
Especially as we allready have strikers like Larsson,Allbäck,Svensson,Ibrahimovic and Selakovic in our team...but well, you never know :)
He is definately a great player. There are a few Swedes playing in the Finnish VeikkausLiiga. Joakim Jensen is also one of the best Swedish players in our league & he plays for my club HJK Helsinki. He is a great defender & many Allsvenskan clubs have wanted to sign him but he wants to stay at HJK.
How did Richard Teberio do when he played in Sweden? I know he has played for Västra Frölunda, Degerfors & Kalmar FF.

Another very good Swedish player is Joakim Jensen who plays for HJK Helsinki. He's one of our best defenders and I heard many Allsvenskan clubs tried to sign him but he wanted to stay and play for HJK.

Former Djurgården player Magnus Samuelsson plays for FC Lahti. He has done very well this season.

Former Trelleborg player Mika Kottila has scored one goal for HJK this season.

Former Trelleborg captain, Tommi Grönlund may also move to HJK as he is rumoured to be leaving Scottish Premier League club Hearts.
I have never heard about Richard Teberio ;) :)
I dont think he is to well known here, when did he play in sweden?

It could been in sweden second division...
Teberio is a great player in Finland & the best player for Inter Turku. I'm sure he'd also be a class player in the Swedish Allsvenskan. He surely has the ability to play for the Swedish NT. I think Lars Lagerbäck could give him a call into the squad so they could at least give him a go.

Har du varit på Teberio's websida? Fålatt jag skriva dåligt svenska min papas möders språk är svenska men min är engelska. Jag är Finlands-Svensk.
Gollum, va tycker du om Joakim Jensen och Magnus Samuelsson? Jensen har spelat mycket brå för min lag, HJK Helsingfors och Samuelsson har ockso spelat brå för sin lag FC Lahti. Båda två är backorna. Vett ni mycket om Finska liga fotboll i Sverige? Skriva Aftonbladet eller Expressen om Finska ligan? Här i Finland jag kolla på Allsvenska magasin program som hetar Fotbollskväll och den kommer på SVT. Jag vett att ni har Finland TV i Sverige. Där er de moligt att följar Finska ligan.
Ingen aning vilka det är ;) Det finns inga möjligheter att följa finska ligan, här i sverige varken på tv eller i aftonbladet/expressen.
"Tv Finland" ingår inte i det normala utbudet av kanaler...
Det sänds förvisso en del finska pogram på svt, men för det mesta barn och nyhetsprogram.
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