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By now I imagine all of you have heard that he is considering retiring from the national team. I know it has been something he has thought about for a while. But after seeing him with that flag in his arms after probally the best game he has had with the national team , I dont want him to go. That is an image that will for ever be associated with WC 2002 in my mind , along with many others. The question is should he hang them up and if so is he the best american player ever ??

My answer is No he should not and yes, he more then likely is the greatest american player , that will not last that long , but up until now he has been. In the first round of the cup he was basically invisible , if it was due to the injury or not. But when we needed him most he came to play. It seems like that every time. He may not be the most consistant player , and he probally isnt , but whenever we needed him he was there. Some say he is lazy some say he is not hard enough in the middle. He may not , but when he is in form I think we do play less predictable. Whatever happens I thank him
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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