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In an interview with the ManCity Web site Reyna is Urging EPL clubs to pick up American Player. They Are Cheap and they can do Well in the EPL.
I hope no one will listen to him, as we can do with players leaving the MLS for greener pastures abroard, well maybe they can keep Clint Mathis, though it seems no one wants him at any price.

Reyna says to buy American
(Jan 1, 2004) -- U.S. captain Claudio Reyna thinks Manchester City and other Premiership clubs should be looking to the United States for new talent.
With the transfer window opening on Thursday, the door is open for new players to join European squads. Reyna, who signed with Bayer Leverkusen out of the University of Virginia, believes seasoned American pros are ready to make the jump and he wants his manager Kevin Keegan to know so.

"Of course I am biased but I would encourage English managers to look to America. I know there are a lot of good players in the States and they are cheap as well," he told Manchester City's official website.

"Off the top of my head I could name three or four players who could play here in the Premiership. The MLS is now in the off-season and one thing I know is that every player is dying to get over here."

While veterans like Reyna, Tottenham's Kasey Keller, Blackburn's Brad Friedel and Preston's Eddie Lewis have played in England for years, it's Tim Howard, signed his summer at Manchester United, who offers the promise that young Americans can play in the EPL. Tottenham wanted to dip into the transfer market in August for Bobby Convey but were snubbed by his work permit being rejected.

"Americans are ambitious and want to play in one of the best leagues in the world," Reyna continued. "Seeing Tim come over recently, one of the younger stars, and have such success has made those back home believe they can do it."

"The scouts are definitely heading for America now more than they did. We have some good youngsters coming through but even players in the 20-22-years-old age range that could make an impact."

"I wouldn't say that they would come and take the Premiership by storm but they would definitely come and help teams, the wages wouldn't be a problem at all and the pound is really strong right now!"

Reyna re-acquainted himself with the American talent pool this past summer at the CONCACAF Gold Cup and is set to play again this summer in World Cup Qualifying. He is hoping that a few more of his countrymen will get some experience outside of America just like he did in stints in Germany, Scotland and England.

"If you are asking me if there are players available in America good enough for the Premiership, I would have to say yes."
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