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review of the last round

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the things are more complicated now but certanly the result of the game obilic-cukaricki 0-1 gave a hope that we can really win this championship and play championship league next year. knowing dzajic he will buy some very good players and we can expect a lot from them. MY BELOVED RED STAR beat radnicki 1-0. the scorer was magician gojkovic. we played well but again we didn't score much goals but everything will be completly different when drulic and jelic come back.
partizan had an easy game against poor mogren and defeted them with 7-0!!!!! ilijev scored two, ivic, ilic, obradovic, and an own goal by mirkovic.
i can't wait for derby in april. this will be surely the most important derby in the last couple of years.
lot's of regards to all serbians and yugoslavs.
zivela srbija!
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Yeah, yeah, now they think they can take out all their anger on poor Mogren, but it's a little too late for that, we are kicking their a** on the first of April.. :)

But I do have to disappoint you, Jelic and Drulic are NOT coming back this season, which I have to admit is a bit of a worry, it seems that our strikers aren't really having a very good season..
yes, April 1st is a big big big day..I would give anything to be at that game....
yes, we are missing Jelic and Drulic, but that's ok, we still have Pjanovic, Stevanovic, Acimovic, Gojkovic, Bunjevcevic and Lerinc scoring goals for us, and with Micic coming off the bench, Partizan will not be able to stop us on our triumphant march to the championship and next year's return to the champions league, and we will have Drulic and Jelic back for that!!!!!
I can't wait....

Zvezda je zivot ostalo su sitnice!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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