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Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Miron, I'm Romanian but I go to an American school. Anyway, in our history 9th grade class, we need to do a research paper on a topic related to Africa or Asia. As I soccer fan, I decided to do Sports in Africa, especially soccer.

This is the preliminary purpose of my research paper:

Sports have a special importance in Africa. They contribute to the unity of a country, bringing different sides and ethnical groups together, or dividing them according to sports and teams. They provide opportunities and moral support for people, especially for the youth, and give African nations the chance to be successful in international competitions, as well as improving the reputation of their country. Often, success in sports is correlated with social, political and economical improvements.
For much of it, I was inspired by soccer in my country, Romania.

Anyway, if you guys can help me, I would appreciate any useful links or advice, on all African sports.
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