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The back five is getting old. Who do you think should replace them. Please be realistic (aka don't say Stam, Nesta, Zanetti, Roberto Carlos)

GK: Richard Wright. Better than Manninger, and English
DL: Silvinho.
DC: Upson. A great prospect
DC: option #1: Gareth Southgate. A great leader and experienced player.
option #2: Rio Ferdinand. A better player but inexperienced in Europe.
DR: Candela.

Sounds promising, but Upson, not that good in the limited anount of 1st team games he's played, but could get better should he get selected more often.

Southgate will be very expensive to buy, and so would Rio Ferdinand. Leeds are also interested in him. But those 2 players could come to Highbury, they are very familiar with the EPL, so they do not need time to settle in.

Richard Wright, a keeper straight from the 2nd division to play CL?, sounds risky, Seaman may play one more season, else Arsneal should look abroad for a talented keeper, Dida? Dudek?

Driver, Ipswich play in div 1, not 2.

Wenn that is said, I think the back 5, should be all English, or at least British. My choice would be:

GK Richard Wright (simply because he´s Britains most promising goalie)

LB Michael Ball (Despite his young age, he´s already play several full seasons for Everton)

CB Jon Woodgate (Very young, but enormusly talented)

CB Matt Upson (Let him play alonside Adams for half a season, and he´s ready)

RB Danny Mills (Also a promising young man)

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signori, i reckon your lineup is too young
i think
woodgate (impossible to get tho)
michel salgado (impossible to get too)

woodgate and michel salgado would be impossible to get because theyre important players in their teams

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