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Replacement players

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I have a question. If players from the final 23 player list get injured during the WC, can they be replaced by players outside this list? I mean flown from their countries?

If not, then it will be even more difficult for Saudi Arabia to salvage a point in this WC since we are running out of attackers due to injuries especially after Obeid Al-Dossari's apparent serious knee injuree today.
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yes it can be done. The FA writes to FIFA requesting the change, FIFA determines how serious the injury is and decides wether to give the go ahead or not.

I hope to see Sheehan. And if we can replace alJaber as well, we should get a left back because Abdulghani is clearly unfit.
Well in that case the FA should arrange things fast. We need at least three attackers. That is with Jamaan on the bench. However, FIFA probably would not allow Sami's replacement since his "injury" ;) isn't serious. Khojali on the other hand has a broken finger. But knowing who easily Saudi players become unfit, I don't know if Al-Sagri would be more fit than Abdul-Ghani.
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