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Well, I said it all along, and most of you, my fellow benfiquistas denied it, this unprofessional move by JVA will hurt the club far more than the savings will benefit.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the underlying issues of football-win championships and manage costs, however, ther is protocol in place to ensure all parties are treated with the respect and dignity all professionals deserve.

I found these quotes on PortugueseSoccer.com. please comment.

*With Benfica's decision on Pinto, Rui Costa, always rumored to return to Benfica in a few years, has privately decided not to ever return to show his disgust.

*Nuno Gomes, privately incensed at the Pinto decision, has his agent looking for a new club to get out.

Now I know talk is cheap, but remember these two are remarkable PORTUGUESE players who can play any where they choose, and unfortunately-THEY CHOOSE NOT TO PLAY FOR THE GREAT BENFICA.

THANKS JVA, for the international embarassments!!!!!

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