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Registration fiasco grinds league buisness to a halt.

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Confusion continues to surround the eircom League, with a wave of gossip pouring from a variety of sources claiming that almost every team has a problem with registrations.

Depending on who you listen to, all 21 teams have been cited in Roy Dooney's report into the registration fiasco and if the letter of the law is applied, no club will escape a points deduction.

Some facts are worth mentioning. As of now, the eircom League Premier Division trophy has not been awarded, nor the European places handed out.

Relegation, promotion and the play-off issues have yet to be confirmed because of the Noel Hunt registration fiasco and the League Cup could have gone the same way after confusion arose over whether or not away goals counted in the final.

In other words, all the administrative functions of the eircom League are incomplete and the playing season ended a week ago. Nobody has won anything, nobody has lost anything and nobody has been promoted or relegated.

The only conclusion to reach is that the League as an entity has failed completely - for whatever reason, be it the self-interest shown by clubs which makes administration a nightmare, the arbitrary and imperfect implementation of rules, the embedded bitterness between clubs and individuals and probably the most important of all, the fact that many clubs are living beyond their means.

Sitting in the middle of all of this is Roy Dooney who probably thinks his time working with Fine Gael was a picnic compared to now. A capable man, he came along three years too late.

It's not hard to create a working database of names, personal details, contract details. It's not hard to scan registration forms into the database for reference purposes.

In other words, it would not be a difficult job at all to install a decent administrative system which in one fell swoop, would eliminate all but the most intractable problems and force all clubs to do their paperwork correctly.

In the real world, St Pat's sins were minor, part of a system which turned a blind eye to mistakes, mainly to compensate for poor housekeeping by the clubs themselves.

But the whole registration issue has now become the epicentre for a system wide breakdown which will end up in a summer long parade in and out of the High Court while television cameras whir and ordinary punters look on, scratching their head and leafing through the Manchester United monthly magazine - all their beliefs about what was once called the Famous Fried Chicken League confirmed.


What a bloody mess. I think, given the registration confusion on multiple teams the championship playoff would have been the best bet. Now who knows whats going on. Will Shels ultimately get the championship? Probably but its far from over and just about any decision could be made. Hey maybe they should just flip and coin and be done with it ;)
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It would have to be a two headed coin and Shelbourne would have to call Heads! :tongue: But seriously, I think that the FA should have been more organised about this season. This does not reflect very well...
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