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Reds Should Learn From ManU & RealMadrid

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Houllier has done a good job in turning Liverpool's leaky defence into one of the best (and infact it is the Best!) in the EPL this season. But unfortunately, a new problem arised which is in the attacking department. It's goalscoring record is just average. This maybe due to injuries to key players, and Reds new centre-forwards has yet to gel. But I personally believes that Liverpool would do well in future if they could score goals without depending too much on their forwards.

I may not be a Man U fan, but I sometimes do admire the way they play. They could score goals from all cylinders. Just look at their scorers without taking their forwards into account. Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Giggs and even Keane can score goals. That is one of the main reason why they have the highest scoring record in the EPL.

Another good example is Real Madrid. When they play true to their form, you can see that their midfielders and centre-forwards work together well as a cohesive unit taking turns having a crack at their opponent's defence. It's trully exciting to see them play when they switched into their attack mode.

If Liverpool could emulate Man U and Real Madrid in the attacking department, and with their already strong backline, only then will I believe they're ready for Europe.

From what I observed, the trend is changing and Liverpool have to realise that...and fast!

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We do have the best defence in the league and with three England strikers in the squad, I do believe we have the quality up front as well. The problem is the midfield as people say here.

Hamann has been an important player in his defensive midfield role. He has contributed a lot for making our defensive record the best in the league. I know Jamie Redknapp is a popular player at Anfield and the longest serving as well, but I can't see him dominate in European matches. He is way too much injured as well. "sean" mentioned something important as well with Thompson and Murphy. They don't have what it takes to play at the highest level. At least not at the moment.

Our strikers haven't received the kind of service they should from midfield. Only Berger can be satisfied with his season of the attacking midfielders. Hopefully we'll sign a top player in that position this summer.

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