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Will Redondo play this season or is his footballing days over?
I haven't heard anything about him for a long while.
Any info would be great.
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Who's Redondo?


;) :D :D
he is a myth........

Yep, like "Lab" (;) ) said, Redondo is a myth. Somewhat like Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster, he is rumoured to be seen from time to time ("Redondo Sightings"), but all anyone has as proof is grainy photos and unbeleivable stories. I think I might have seen him on a rerun of "In Search Of" on the sci-fi channel...but it might have been that guy who used to sing for the Cult wearing a Redondo shirt; it was hard to tell. To paraphrase Bart Simpson, "Dad, piggy ain't coming back." :howler:
As much as it pains me to see El Principe not being able to illuminate the San Siro with his outstanding class and vision, the chances of him ever feature for us is diminshing by the season.:depress:

I just have one wish: to see El Principe in action, with the Milan jersey, at the San Siro, at least once!So, come one SuperNando, don't let us down and prove all these people wrong!:)

Dale SuperNando!:star::proud::cool:
What is Redondo's nickname?


El Principe?

What is it?
Man, i don't get why somebody now and then brings up the subject of redondo:yuck: ?

For me he doesn't exist?:dontcare: Infact he never existed for me.:neutral:

For once and for all lets just forget about this guy and lets discuss other players.:)

RIO u hit the bull's eye;)
I was laughing for a whole minute after reading ur post:dielaugh: :dielaugh:

Ehh.. What you are you people talking about?
yeah when?:groan: :groan:
yes "lab" is a myth as well

however "Lav" is anything but a myth

nando is a non existant persona...created by the media.

or was it.....

Contra and Redondo set for action Monday 27 May, 2002


Milan have announced that Cosmin Contra and Fernando Redondo should be fit for pre-season training.

The Romanian international underwent a minor knee operation on Monday and will be out of action for the next five weeks.

The full-back was operated on by professor Marc Maertens in Antwerp after the former Alaves man picked up a slight problem in his meniscus.

Meanwhile, Argentine Redondo should be set to return to full training after missing the last two seasons with a knee problem.

The former Real Madrid player has yet to play for his new side after damaging knee ligaments in one of his first training sessions at the San Siro.

"Fernando Redondo will start training with the rest of the squad from July 1, 2002," maintained Rossoneri chief Adriano Galliani.

finally....he is back from injury...
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i refuse to believe what the bald man says, until the day arrives.

Remember he said the same thing in the Winter break.:irritate: :frustrat:

I bet this new comeback will be as sensational as the other comebacks he had at Milan.
Have some faith people !

I think this time it's for real and Fernando will be back in style.
Angelos, don't get your hopes up. Everyone thought he was returning last season and...nothing. :depress:
It's always better to be an optimist !

Sure is, but considering that this is Redondo's comeback attempt number 2983619, the odds of him finally becoming a member of the starting 11 are piss-poor.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

I still remember the important role that Nando played in Real's champion's leauge title in 1999/2000. If he can produce half of that ability, Milan will be much more dangerious !
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