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taking into consideration some latest rumours i think that we will reinforce our team a big time. as we already know zoric is almost there, with martinovic and radjenovic we'll get a great team. of course these are only the first news. knowing maestro dragan dzajic he'll make a good purhcase this summer in order to make an outstandig result next season in CL. red star next season in my opinion:
gvozdenovic(or a new winger, 'cause we need)
we can't forget jelic, zoric, acimovic, gojkovic(probably he is leaving the club), mirkovic, stojanovic and newcomers zoric, radjenovic and martinovic(hopefully).
altough we haven't scored many goals this season i think that our main strength next year will be attack. we have some outstanding players and with very consistent defence and midfield we make a great european team with very high ambitions(as always in our case) in champions league.
throughout the champions league qualifications i will be in belgrade ans surely i'll make a lot of pictures so i will be able to send on your mails if you want.
regards from booky,
pune tribine ludih navijaca.................

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I hope your right, only you forgot Vukomanovic and Martinovic is I think most likely going to Partizan.
But anyway, the main thing is to keep most of the players we have, I think we will have to eventually say "goodbye" to a couple of them (Bunjevcevic comes to mind first, unfortunately :(), but still with a couple of good buys (like Zoric, Radjenovic, and who I would like most Dzodic from Monpelje), and Drulic and Jelic recovered we could have an even better team than now.
What we do in CL depends mostly on the draw but if we're lucky we could just maybe get into the group stage, and that would be a huge success...
And then you just never know what could happen.. :) :)

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Guys i think we should be thankfull to our coach the most for this success, winning dupla kruna for the first year of coaching RED STAR, NOW that is something!!!

If he is a good coach doesn't matter what players he has got, he can win anything, and guys i think we have found that coach!!!

Barcelona's forward is more expensive then the whole Valencia's squad. Everyone thought that Barcelona would kick Valencia's ass, but it turned out different...so i think that it's all about who has a better coach NOT players!!! Just look at Inter Milan...it tells u the whole story...

Well done Muslin!!!
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