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guys, i am in my beloved belgrade and of course i attended the game with Ki Klaksvik.
we played in formation 3-5-2 which i like very much. kocic was on the goal with only one intervention throughout the whole match. in defence we played with three men. lalatovic, bajcetic and vitakic. lalatovic was our best player on the whole game while on the other hand bajcetic didn't impress me at all and vitakic was our weakest point. the guy simply doesn't know how to run properly. fortunatly bunjevcevic is gonna be back for torpedo game.
in midfield we played markovic on the right and gvozdenovic on the left side. markovic has proved as a good replacement for dudic. he is a good crosser and fast thinker while gvozdenovic is a modern full back. he has an excellent techinc, he is fast but yesterday he was really poor. anyway he is a very god player. lerinc "zvezdin veron" played quite bad, without any idea where to sent a ball but he will be o.k, dejan ilic was the best player in the first game but yesterday he was very, very poor. he was replaced by blazo georgioski and i think that this guy deserves more chances to play because he showed some great skills in only 25 minutes on the pitch. branko boskovic was good. he scored a goal from the penalty kick but he also missed two great opportunities to score when he was alone in front of the keeper.
in attack we started with drulic-stevanovic duo. drulic was just o.k. he tried a lot but he struggled to control the ball. he scored a goal and didn't have more chances but he run a lot he was very, very aggressive. stevanovic is an average attacker and surely he'll be on the bench when pjana and jelic get recover. his replacemnt on the game mirkovic was terrible but this guy is known as the fastest player in the country so for this reason he can be used in some combinations. the last sub was markoski for boskovic he is actually revelation of the week. this young guy who came to red star from mladost lucani had a great second half against litex which is one of the top bulgarian teams on a friendly game which took place in belgrade on saturday. markoski is very short, he runs just like ilija ivic, he is extremly fast and skillful and very clever player. his position is behind attackers and he will be our secret weapon for this season.
my ratings:
kocic-, markovic 6.5, gvozdenovic 6, lalatovic 7, bajcetic 6.5, vitakic 6, boskovic 7, lericn 5.5, ilic 5.5, drulic 7, stevanovic 5.5; subs: georgioski 7, markoski 6 and mirkovic 5.
last week we signed two new players. first is sasha zoric from obilic. he is very useful all-round player and he can play in the midfield, and on the sides. the other signing is the brother of goran bunjevcevic, mirko who is a defensive midfielder and probably this season he'll be used as back up for the first team.
the other interesting moment for the last game is 20.000 people on the marakana stadium. it was quite incredible but people really like crvena zvezda. no doubt that against torpedo marakana will be full of crazy fanatics.
my opinion is that the best quality of our team is SLAVOLJUB MUSLIN. each time he entered the pitch of left pitch the whole stadium applaued. he is very reliable, has a lot of knowledge and very nice manners. everybody loves him from the players, press and supporters. i am quite confident that with him we can go far in CL.
for tommorow's draw i pray to the god to get dinamo zagreb. they play very well at the moment but i know we can pass them.
regards from the most beautful city and country.
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Thanks for the report, it is really refreshing to read something from a fans point of view..
The result is a bit dissapointing, but the main thing is we are through and the current lack of form should be overcome by the third round of qualifiers..
I believe we have a fairly good squad, much better than the result of 2:0 indicates and I hope the players prove that in the upcoming matches..:)

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Excellent report. Thanx. Looking forward to my visit to Blgd. to see RS in vivo again in the third qualifying game. (I hope they do not screw up vs. Torpedo.)

I agree that Muslin is currently our greatest asset. I worry about the slump of our forwards and insonsistency of our midfield. I am also concerned that Kocic has not had enough competative games. I am not sure that Pjanovic will improve our scoring in the short time since he was not very efficient in the friendlies in Austria.

Has the League in Ukraine started yet? It will be good if it hasn't so Dynamo would not have too many competative metches before the 3rd qualifying round. Remember last year when Partizan faced Spartak M. Our league did not start whereas Russian league was in full swing and Spartak was in top form.

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about pjana they say that everything goes on the plan but i am not sure that he'll play against torpedo and we need him desperately. jelic is likely to be back in september or october right on the time. the good news is that our captain goran bunjevcevic is staying in the club for sure.
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