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ive already said it

the most prominent future star is undoubtedly recoba. hes fast, can shoot(short and long distances), he can dribble, take on defenders.......

he is the next pele!!
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He is certainly very good and although he is a star in the making, there a quite a few young players on his level, that may even have more natural depth as far as ability goes.
Is this the crybaby, the moaning and groaning Recoba that plays at Inter?

He definitely a player Inter have to sell this Summer, I'm not kidding.
Is this Alvero Recoba?

He's 24 though and does this constitute in this category? I mean, for example with Recoba he has not been given a proper oppurtunity so in the future when he is given an oppurtunity he will be a star so therefore it is o.k?
Just curious.
do you call recoba youth?
just like pool said,he is 24 and not that young anymore....
youth players on future stars must be about 21 or younger.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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