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A 6 isn't bad so calm down...

Hear the triumphal march of Parma!

I saw the game,we had 14corners and at least 10 of them was to long of Miha
I dont understand why Veron didnt try at least 1 cornerkick
Veron is a great player that proved him today
My points of the whole team today:
Marchegianni 6
He didnt need to do anything but its good that he is back again
Pancaro 5.5
He got a yellow card and he didnt do much right today
Nesta 7.5
Our leader was back again and our defense looks great now
No mistake in the game from him
Mihajlovic 6
He did a great job in the defense but his free kicks and cornerkicks was very very bad
***** 5.5
I didnt seen him much in the offensiv
Almeyda 5.5
His passes was very bad and he didnt take care off the ball
Veron 7.5
Superb game from Veron
1goal and fine crosspasses from him
Nedved 6.5
A dangerous shoot and he tried to dribble the player
I think he was substituted because he has played very much in the last games
Conceicao 6.5
2good chances,he would have scored in the second half,bad shoot
Also bad crosses
Boksic 6.5
He tried to dribble players and create chances for his teammates
He is in good form
Salas 6
His shots was blocked and he was a little bit anonymous
He can do better
Inzaghi 5.5
He didnt do anything when he came him
He can do better
Mancini and Simeone didnt play so much so I cant set points on them

Now we muct have VERY VERY luck if we will take the scudetto
Lets hope that we win the next match and that Batistuta and Toldo plays a great game and beat Juve with 1-0


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I do not agree with the 5,5 you gave to Inzaghino (He should have started out in the 1st half anyway). I suggest you wear your glasses next time; Simo had some good little passes and he really runs to go and get the ball. Seems a lot greedier to me than Salas was.....

The Miss

And I don't agree with 6 points for Mihajlovic.
Why r u all against him ? He does whatever he can ! He missed that penalty against Fiorentina but that's not the end of the world !! Rivaldo missed penalty too !! And against Chelsea ! It can happen to anybody ! So shut your mouth and --- easy --- BE QUIET !


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Jocke, your arguments are so f**king stupid man!

For example, you give ***** a 5,5 because you didnt saw him much in offense?
Uhm, HELLO!!!!!!!!
Please, are you awake when you write this?

I totally agree with Reale, nobody deserves nothing less then a 7,0!!


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Yeah Reale is absolutely right(again!)!They might lost the chances they had to score but they played really well!They're in great form,let's hope they'll continue till the end like this,and who knows miracles are happening and j*ve might loose a couple of times!

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