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Real Madrid technical director Jose Martinez Pirri said on Wednesday that Argentine midfielder Fernando Redondo was not available for transfer. Redondo has been the target of a transfer offensive by AC Milan, with the deal reported by Spanish television to be worth 3,000 million pesetas ($16.96 million).
But Pirri, who flew in to Real's training camp in Nyon in
Switzerland on Wednesday, insisted that a deal was not on the cards.
"He isn't for sale," said Pirri. "There is an important
offer on the table and we are obliged to tell the player about it. "But if the coach wants him there is nothing more to say about the matter."
Newspaper reports in Spain and Italy had suggested that Real would look to recoup some of the $56.1 million invested in Luis Figo by selling Redondo.
However, the stylish midfielder remains a key figure in
Vicente del Bosque's plans for the forthcoming seasons and club bosses are now apparently ready to listen to their coach.
"For me Redondo is a vital player," del Bosque said this
week. "He is a great example to other players in the squad." The 31-year-old Argentine also reiterated his desire to stay on at Real Madrid, where he has won two European Cups.
"I want to carry on at the club," Redondo said. "I've always said that I am happy here and I've still got three years left on my contract. I am not planning on moving."

Thats the right thing, selling Redondo would be abig mistake. I dont know who started this storey..after what he has done for them.

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Reuters, are reporting that Redondo is onthe verge of signing with AC Milan. The article is as follows:

MADRID (Reuters)(DS) - Real Madrid midfielder Fernando Redondo is about to sign for AC Milan,
Spanish state radio (RNE) reported on Thursday.
The news comes just a day after Real Madrid technical director Jose Martinez Pirri and club coach
Vicente Del Bosque had said the Argentine international was not for sale.

RNE reported that the player's agent Ricardo Luri had travelled to the Real Madrid pre-season training
camp in Switzerland to present an improved offer from the Italian club.

Milan were reported to have had a previous bid for 2,800 million pesetas (10.5 million pounds) turned
down by the European champions.
The radio station said that Redondo, 31, had agreed personal terms with Milan and would be paid 800
million pesetas (3 million pounds) a year, a salary wich would make him one of the best-paid players in
the world.

The figure would equal the amount Real Madrid are believed to be paying Luis Figo, who became the
world's most expensive player on Monday when Real Madrid paid Barcelona 10,000 million pesetas for

No details of a transfer fee or length of contract were given.

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Florentino Perez has sold Redondo to Milan as part of his ethnic cleansing of all Sanz related players in Real Madrid. Michel Salgado is next. The poor guy was unfortunate enough to marry one of Lorenzo Sanz's daughters before the elections and that's not allowed under Perez's rule so the rumours are growing that he will also probably be sold to Milan. Is it me or Florentino "Terminator" Perez might very well not last a single season in Real Madrid?.

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match ratings:

Bonano 5 (-2 his fault) =3
Samuel 6
Ayala 5 (-2 his fault) =3
Sensini 5.5
Simeone 5
Kily 5,
Zanetti 6
Veron 6.5
Ortega 6
C.Lopez 7
Crespo 6.5
Almeyda 5.5 + 1 =6.5

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Claudio Lopez 7? LOL, you definetely didn't see the match. El Piojo gave the worst performance of all the Argentines, he was helpless and lost. Read all the reviews given to Argentina by the different Argentines sites, El Piojo got the worst ratings in all the sites.
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