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Real & United

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According to todays result at Nou Camp .... we can say that we are ready to enjoy the dream final between Real & Man Utd ....

It is obvious that they and we as a soccer fans desearve to see such wonderful final before 2002 world cup ...:) :) :)

What do you think about that ???

Personaly , I am confident to say that Real Madrid ... is able to win his 9TH Champions Title :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
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lets just keep the Champaign corked until we win it!

however, I love your enthusiasm!
Dont jump to conclusions. Although we are almost there, Manu hasn't even begun that journey.

So. Lets wait and see. Even if Barca get one goal in Bernabeu, we have our selves a new game.
We are in the final. No way the boys at home mess up. Bring on manu!
Actually, it would be interesting to face a German club in the CL final in Glasgow - wearing red and black stripes no less. :cool:

We all know outcome the last time that happened.:D
We will be ready for you's, dnt you worry!

What a final it COULD be....
If the players enter the game with this kind of overconfidence, our great win last night will be over turned by an even greater win for them! :rolleyes:

I am not thinking about the final because we didn't make the final yet. Its as simple as that.
Without Beckham for NT and United....:D :cool: :D :D .. It's an easy guest...
Hi there guys!
This is my first post here so hello to everyone.
Well, I don't think we're through just yet, but, as Raul said after the match, now the odds are 90-10 for us.


I see the other semifinal as very open, and Man U shouldn't understimate Bayer Leverkusem. I saw what the Germans did to Deportivo!

Well now let's hope the guys don't mess the match against Real Sociedad on saturday. I even hope (slightly) that Espanyol will do something useful in Valencia next saturday.
i think that the final wil be barca united:tongue: , u will see
:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
I'd prefer to be cautious... let's see how Leverkusen performs tonight.
Welcome to the forums Halamad! :)

Always great to see more Real Madrid supporters here. I hope we see more your comments and discussions in the other threads of this forum :)
Man Unt vs Real is looking hot as a final.

I pretty much expect us to go through, but i won't under-estimate Leverkusen too much.

Did i sound hypocritical just then?
overconfidence is not a good thing, we must to be caoutius. :eek:
Well,provided we don't shoot ourselves in the foot,we should be in the Final now.Messing up now would probably kill me,in fact I'm quite sure it will if it happens.

I just saw Leverkusen draw 2-2 with Man U,and these guys are GOOD.Not for nothing are they leading Bundelsliga,and I think this side is a testament (also Borussia Dortmund) to how much Bundesliga has improved.Too bad they'll be losing their best player next season to Bayern(Ballack).

Whoever it is we meet in the Final(provided we make it) ,it is gonna be extremely tough.It really is a toss up for me on who I'd prefer.
Yup, like I predicted Leverkusen are one great team. People will start respecting them after tonight:proud:
It's still an open affair in that tie, but I think most people agree Leverkusen were the better team tonight, and it was ManU which can be rather grateful to the heavens that it just ended this way. A pathetic own goal, and lamoooooo PK saved their butt's from what Barca encountered last night.

But that's good from our perspective, because that return fixture will be amazingly tense, whilst we have quite a cushion. No, I'm not saying we should take Puta for granted, but we have the comfort that if we score 2 goals early on, it's a done game pretty much... and I bet we'll be playing our best team next week, and knowing what we're capable of, I strongly believe a big result would be possible. Only we really need to rest some of our players, and not go all out...

Leverkusen are dangerous, but I predicted the Real-Bayer final a long time ago, and I didn't forget to say who would win the encounter. It's gonna be Real Madrid in simular fashion to what we did with Valencia in 2000. Bayer will flop under the pressure like they did back then:star:

Everything is going according to plan my dear ones:D... it's such a great feeling:proud:
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Manchester played turly aweful, disorganised and no team work....our midfield and defence were shambles. Lets hope Fergie sorts this out :eek:
leverkusen begin to scare me :scared:
my dream match.. but the draw in old trafford was quite surprising--just quite cos leverkusen are like a goal-scoring machine & strong fighters so..watch out! don't let your defence even take a wink!

and REAL, you're going to the Finale so don't freakin mess it up!!!!
well i don't really think they'd do that anyway;)
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