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Although i'm pleased at the Tristan signing, it is a mistake to let a player of Etoo's ability leave. They have had him on their books for years suggesting they must have seen potential in him in the first place. Now he goes just like that, and he is still not 20 years old. We should have given them SOLARI, CANNABAL, RODRIGO etc, Just how good is Tristan?
Does he move like Morientas?
How tall is he, bigger than Mora?

I disagree with the user who said Zanetti should be passed up, if £8 million is the price we should snap him up. He could fill in for Selgado or Macca on either position and we do need cover there.

Geremi like it or not is out of Real, so we should get Zanetti.
It seems the positions for non EU players are

R Carlos
Cambiassio (Note all are left footed!!!!!!!!)

Solari was pointless if they wanted to sign Munitis

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Apparently, the officers-in-charge at Real Madrid are thinking like you sacchi. :) I just read in Marca that they are denying that they have bought Tristan. They emphasized that Eto'o is intrasferible and would not be included in the deal, if there is to be one. Furthermore, they said that it is not them who are trying to buy Tristan but rather it is one of the presidentiables.

About your questions on Tristan, he does play more or less like Mori. I don't know his exact height but of his 18 La Liga goals, 6 were headers so he's pretty good in the air. I guess he's not as strong as Mori and doesn't finish as well (no one does!) but he knows where to position himself to find scoring opportunities.

On Zanetti, I think he is class. We have so many left-footed midfileders so it's nice to finally hear about someone for the right side. I like him and I like the price although he's not that necessary.

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