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OK, i know this is comming late, but there are still a lot of matches to be played and we can start to train for the next season.

Here are the rules and regulations of the Real Madrid PL:

(I've used a similar format used in the Barçelona forum - I hope you are OK with it ).

Who can play?

Any Xtratime poster from any forum. As long as you post your predictions before every game, then you are more than welcome. If there are no predictions after 3 consecutive games, then you will be eliminated from the PL (unless there is a good reason for your absence) and if you want to enter again, you'll have to start from scratch. I'm sorry if this harsh, but it will encourage everybody to stick with the game


Along with a match thread before any game, there will be a PL thread for the same game. What you'll have to do is to predict the scoreline and the goalscorers (if any). Once kick-off takes place, then any prediction after kick-off will be considered void. If there are any special circumstances, inform me or one of the Forum Managers (that's if they can be bothered ).

How points are collected:

Win/Lose/Draw = 5 points*
Correct scoreline = 10 points*
Complete perfection = 20 points*

Correct goalscorers = 3 points for each goalscorer.
Incorrect goalscorers = -1 point for each goalscorer.

*You can only recieve one of these, eg. you can't score 15 points if you predict a correct win/lose/draw and scoreline. You only get 10 points for this.

And you are not allowed to edit your prediction, even before the game, so take your time when you make your prediction

The total points collected over the whole season will decide who will be the champion of the Real Madrid Prediction League. So try and post your predictions frequently, because it's easy to get behind after a few games.

What will it cover?

La Liga and the Champions' League.

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addition to the rules


from now on it is allowed to edit the predictions until kick-off. Any edit that happens later, will make the prediction invalid.

predict all scorers

When a goal ore more are predicted for the opponent its nessesary to predict the scorer as well. Otherwise your prediction will not count.

The PL is going to be run by lili.

If you have any question, send her a PM. :)

Thank you lili!!! :kiss::D

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RM prediction league results after matchday 38

1. rapid = 93 pts

2. ilgenio = 83 pts
3. Rusi = 77 pts
4. Real Madrid = 68 pts
5. Viripides = 69 pts
6. nikdil realdeal = 47
7. El Fenomeno = 44 pts
8. FigoIsGod = 56 pts
9. lili = 50 pts
10. Green = 36 pts
11. Setzer = 34 pts
12. fc barcelona = 23 pts
13. Dagoods**= 20 pts
14. Valdes** = 8 pts
15. Culed *= 5 pts
16. GICA** = 1 pt
17. kalo* = - 3 pts
18. borisinc, Husky = - 5 pts
20. zyad* = -22 pts

Congratulations to Rapid, the winner and more luck to others next season. We will start with matchday 1. ;)
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