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Real Madrid - Juve 05/11/2008

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Schuster wants revenge.
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Amr.... there wasn't even political discussion in that 'political' thread.... only a debate about form. Why do we have to be anal just because the board is in general?

I don't understand that. At least wait until some get into something offensive, ey?
Del Piero's free kick form just insane at this moment..incredible...
I haven't seen the game or goal's yet but Juve beat real at the Bernabeau enough said,an amazing result three ADP goal's vs real in two matche's sensational.How much did Ranieri's tactic's have an influence on this game,and I'd like to know how many of the Ranieri doubter's are still on his back now??
Well I think Ranieri is doing a Capello. He seems to be sticking with the squad he likes. Team confidence is a huge factor and you can see Juve believing in themselves.

Having said that, if it wasn't for Del Piero, I still don't think we are playing as well as some of our results are suggesting - we were lucky in the sense that Real Madrid could have had 2 penalties. If Del Piero missed the target and one of those penalties were awarded, we would all be saying how Juve was too defensive.

In the last few games its been all Del Piero or Nedved (although Nedved was just solid today). Sissoko is in good form too and Tiago is giving the team a little more composure but I would like to see a little more from him - at the moment he has just been satisfactory.

Real Madrid have played terribly in both legs, so lets not get too excited. We still need to improve a lot to be serious contenders for scudetto and champions league. But at least we are improving and early qualification means we can rest players more.
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Amr.... there wasn't even political discussion in that 'political' thread.... only a debate about form. Why do we have to be anal just because the board is in general?

I don't understand that. At least wait until some get into something offensive, ey?
To quote the right honourable camelface, "+1".
In other news, Amr had to be revived earlier today...




Seriously good win!

To snatch an away win, vs. Real, who pretty much had a full lineup...wow.

Credit to Ranieri for this one, really. This is one of the few games where I can say and admit he knew what he was doing.

Respect to the Madrid fans for applauding Del Piero.

Legend. :star: :proud:
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To win in Bernabeau after such a long time is awesome

a vintage performance from Juve

is it me or is Del Pierro getting younger day by day
Congratulations guys great game very important wins!!

Still getting 1st place is vital as it will allow you to avoid the English teams + Barcelona so that will mean you guys might actually make it at least to the quarters in the CL and from then on anything is possible! :thumbsup:

Hopefully Trezegeut gets back to at least 80-90% come the knockout rounds.

I think you guys can afford to lose away to Zenit, but must at all costs beat Bate at home.
I have to watch the full replay of that free-kick. What was the wall doing? Did Ranieri place it?
The amazing thing really is the amount of quality Juve player's were missing and they managed to go to the bernabeau and get the result.:proud::thumbsup:
I don't really understand why you do a proud smilie about that when you are a Milan fan? :tongue:

Thanks Mo!
Del Piero: What a moment!
Wednesday 5 November, 2008

Alessandro Del Piero admits “I could not be happier” after two goals put the Bernabeu at his feet.

“We won, played a great game, I scored two goals. Really, how can you get better than that?” grinned the Juventus captain.

He secured the 2-0 victory away to Real Madrid that mathematically qualifies Juve for the knockout phase of the Champions League.

“You live off nights like this and the unique emotion. I am happy the crowd gave me a standing ovation when I left the field.

“It was so great to score and this is a fantastic stadium, so it was a very important match for us. I must admit this is a positive time for me.”

Del Piero has scored four goals in as many Champions League games and three of them were against Real Madrid.

His low drive and free kick earned him a standing ovation at the Bernabeu when substituted in stoppages.

“It is the ultimate feeling in football. To score two goals and win in such a big game, then to be applauded by the opposing fans is a sign of recognition that goes beyond rivalry. It was wonderful.

“I learned from the best with free kicks and always studied, trained hard to get better at this skill.”

Iker Casillas did not set out the defensive wall very well and the Spaniard was left rooted to the spot by his free kick.

“I asked [Christian] Molinaro to extend the wall and decrease the vision the goalkeeper had. I aimed it at the near post and thankfully Casillas stayed there.”

Alex is in incredible form right now despite the fact he turns 34 on Sunday, so what is behind this remarkable consistency?

“My family keeps me grounded and happy, my teammates put their faith in me and physically I am fit. This is a moment when everything is going well. The desire to always improve and work hard is essential, too.

“Fatherhood has helped me and really revitalised my life, plus having confidence is crucial. If you are able to train regularly and focus on objectives to keep getting better, then you always feel fresh.”

Juve are in the knockout round of the Champions League, but this time two years ago were battling in Serie B after the Calciopoli scandal.

“I will never forget playing in Serie B, nor do I wish to. I experienced it wholeheartedly with a smile on my face, as I chose that path and knew we would get back into Serie A and the Champions League. I don't feel as if this is the end of an era, but rather it keeps going.”

:proud: :star: :proud: :star: :proud: :star:
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No suprise who the biggiest Tiago fan in our team is :pp :D
Awesome clips. :star:
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