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Real Madrid - Juve 05/11/2008

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Schuster wants revenge.
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bilardo, his right hand man...i guess he went to see higuain
if he is his right hand man, why is he sitting on his left?

oh wait, is it cause Maradona is a lefty?

btw beautiful freekick from Del P
Brilliant way to make a wall :howler:
ALALALAALALALALALALALALALAL ALEX! Another amazing free kick! Is he the best in form at free kicks in the world now? seems like he is bagging so many.

Ive said it. His freekick are posionous.
I only put Ronaldinhos before him. Regardless how many freekicks they are scoring.
Thanks for these moments of happiness! :thumbsup:
del piero has been sublime so far this season, best free kick taker in the world at the moment, how may goals from free kicks is that so far in cl and serie a?
seems like the italians don't need milan to beat big European teams anymore
amauri off for iaquinta. Good sub in my view
fresh legs in iaquinta, maybe the footballing gods could smile on us some more, and maybe one more
I just come home, to see this :proud: :thumbsup:

Forza DP :proud:
del piero gets a standing ovation in injury time on sub
Game Over. Juve win 2-0
standing ovation for alessandro, absolutly magnificent tonight
woot :D Good confidence booster for the side. Tiago was decent, defense was overall OK but in trouble for the start of the 2nd half.
Incredible, I been a critic of Ranieri and the way this team has been playing but tonigh they did a wonderfull job, congratulations
Psychologically, Real Madrid were so not in this game it was sad to see. Schuster can kiss his job goodbye.

What's with the slippery pitch btw? I've lost count on poor ball controls.

ALEX!!! :star::proud:

(nice from the Bernabeu to give him a standing ovation)
Ive said it. His freekick are posionous.
I only put Ronaldinhos before him. Regardless how many freekicks they are scoring.
probably he feels responsible for the 98 final loss.
Thats the day that Del Piero died. But on the bright side he has become a decisive player....these last few years.
Not at all. He was never quite the same after his horrible injury in the 98/99 season. But even 75% of the old ADP can be world class.
What is there to say.. :proud:
We won in Madrid. I can't believe my eyes. Del Piero is great.

I really am speechless. Nothing to say more.
Brilliant way to make a wall :howler:
Yes, really poor wall there.
61 - 80 of 115 Posts
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