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To make this forum more clear to everyone new and bring back memories for all the XT-oltimers we now set up a directory. This will help you to find the contents better that have been discussed at this forum since the start.

Its not complete yet, some features are still to come...


La Cantera
Real Madrid Castilla
Your favourite Canterano's
Jersey 2004/2005
Real Madrid TV

Trophy Room

Champions League Titles

Hamden Park 1960
La Octava
La Novena 1, 2


La Liga title 28 (2001)
Liga Champions 2003


Supercup Champs 2001 with style

Training Ground

Real Madrid City
Loanie thread 2004/05
Loanie Thread
Transfers 2004/2005
Has RM done well this transfer season?
Squad 2004/05
Ex-Madridistas Watch


2002/2003 Recap
overall player stats
more players stats

legendary games:

UCL 2000: ManU vs RM
UCL 2000: RM - Bayern
UCL 2003 QF: RM vs. ManU, 2
UCL Group stage 2002: Roma vs RM
Copa del Rey final 2002: RM vs Depor
La Liga 2001/02: RM - Deporivo
La Liga 2003/04: Barca vs. RM
UCL 2002 SF: Barca vs. RM


The treatment room 2005/06


Nuestro Hombre de Hierro Redondo hangs up boots
What are they doing now?
Pedjas farewell
El Buitre
Martin Vazquez
Raul: 10 years with RM
Tribute: Fernando Morientes
Tribute McManaman
time for some Owen appreciation


Economics & related issues, 2
President Elections 2004
Official (Anti-) Perez Thread


Copy & Pasted News
Transfer Rumors I (closed)
Transfer Rumors II (from 6/April/2005)
Player News


Video & Multimedia
Photo Album 2004_2005
Photo Album 2005_2006
Real Madrid TV
RM Movie
Madridismo: XTimers website


Woodgate watch
Official: Sergio Ramos to RM
Gone with Gravesen
Robinho arrives in Madrid
Pablo Garcia is the man
The RONALDO news section
Tribute McManaman
Tribute: Iker Casillas
Tribute: Ivan Helguera
Tribute: Guti
Hala Michel Salgado
Raul, the legend grows,200=Rauls goals career
time for some Owen appreciation


buy-out clause
carnet madridista

Games & Fun

Let have a laugh
RMPL 2005
Funny Pix
Quest of Ikerman
Guess Who?
Cannot believe this!!!!
XCC 2001/02
Real Madrid Quiz

:star: Thread of the Year :star:

Beckham should be RM's captain

litter box

The Stupid thread

more to come...

when you know any thread of the RM Forum that should be linked here or want to give any comment on this, please post in the following thread:

Wanted: Help for the Blackboard!!

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Thread of improvement

Thank you!
LaBlanca :shades:

Third Place winner, October 2012 XT Photo Contest
20,440 Posts

Third Place winner, October 2012 XT Photo Contest
20,440 Posts
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Third Place winner, October 2012 XT Photo Contest
20,440 Posts
Season 2005/06


Real Madrid Topscorer 2005/06
The better signing: Baptista or Robinho?
$60million in 48 hours...but still no defender. Are you worried?

Player of the month

December: Ramos
November: Casillas
October: Ramos
September: Raul

Goal of the month

November/December: Robinho vs Malaga
October: Raul vs Deportivo

Transfers & Squad

Real Madrid Formation 2005/06
Real Madrid 2005/2006 Jerseys
López Caro to continue

Official: Sergio Ramos to Madrid!
Official: Real Madrid agree option for Cicinho
Official: Robinho signs for $30million
Official: Júlio Baptista to Real Madrid for €24.5million
Official: Uruguayan pair make Madrid move

Michael Owen to Newcastle: The Good-bye thread!
Solari, Samuel and Figo to Inter
Thank you Luis Figo
Thank you Solari
Sacchi going too
Luxa on his way out

Casillas renews till 2011
Helguera renews till 2009
Raul could be out for 7 months


Roy Keane???Is Perez that stupid??



Chivas - RM
Galaxy- RM
Preseason Thread


Possible CL 2nd round oponents

Group F:6th game:Olympiakos:RM
Group F: 5th game:Real Madrid vs Lyon
Group F: 4th game: Rosenborg - RM
Group F: 3rd game: RM - Rosenborg
Group F: 2nd game: RM - Olympiacos
Group F: 1st game: Olympic Lyon - RM

UEFA CL draw: Lyon, Olympiakos, Rosenborg

La Liga

matchday 21: Celta Vigo:RM
matchday 20: RM:Cadiz
matchday 19: RM:Sevilla
matchday 18: Villareal:RM
matchday 17: RM:Santander
matchday 16: RM:Osasuna
matchday 15: Málaga:RM
matchday 14: RM:Getafe
matchday 13: Real Sociedad:RM
matchday 12:El Clasico:RM:Barcelona
matchday 11: Depor - RM
matchday 10: RM - Zaragoza
matchday 9: Betis - RM
matchday 8: RM - Valencia
matchday 7: Atletico - RM
matchday 6: RM - Real Mallorca
matchday 5: Alaves - RM
matchday 4: RM - Athletic Bilbao
matchday 3: Espanyol - RM
matchday 2: RM - Celta Vigo
matchday 1: Cadiz - RM

Copa Del Rey

Copa Del Rey Draw 2: Real Betis
Copa Del Rey Draw 1: Athletic de Bilbao

QF| 2nd leg: Real Madrid CF vs Real Betis Balompié
QF| 1st leg: Real Betis Balompié vs Real Madrid
QF| 2nd leg: Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao
QF| 1st leg: Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid CF

Travel reports

NZ Warrior: my spanish tour diary...
NZ Warrior: Meeting the players on my trip
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