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The team I support, Real Madrid, is contacting Monaco for three of their defenders.


I was hoping French football fans can provide some information about them specifically:

1. Nationality
2. Position (What formation does Monaco use and where do these 3 fit in)
3. Strenghts (Speed, Aerail Balls, One on One, etc.)
4. Weaknesses


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also juve andd milan......

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all i know is that djetou is being tracked by a lot of other clubs:
juv, milan,real, man utd,etc...

i think he can play as midfielder or centre-half..and is kinda marcel desaily(i think so.. ;)

about the 2 others,..i don't raelly know them...but i don;t think they are world class defenders anyway..

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rafael marquez is the defender of mexican national team. still young and very good in defense... one of important monaco's player nowadays!
philip christanval, also known as young laurent blanc. good in defense and has a good vision in attacking.
same with martin djetou, the core of monaco's defence.

i don't think they are going anywhere, since they will be this season's champion of french league and they are going to cl next year...
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