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Savo will choose one of them...rather than Juventus...
Juve is full of strikers.
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FAKE RUMOR!!!!!!!!

We don't want him!!!!!!!
Why you don't announce it on Real Board...cuz no one will believe it........
Despite scoring 5 goals, 5 of the ugliest goals Iv'e seen in a long time, Milosevic isn't even such a good striker.
I'd much Kluivert, Trezeguet, or Anelka.
SAVO likes Spain very much. He would like to stay in Spain. He told that to yugoslav reporters. Savo destroyed your spanish football this year. How many goals did he score to real and barca? 2much

Kiss :)
Savo is Barca's if we want him. He has offered himself to us but nothing has been reached since no one will do any signings until the elections have been finished.
Good for Real and Barca. The only reason we hear so much about Milosevic is because he is the only striker Yugoslovia have. They have Darko but Boskov decides to start Mijatovic instead. Where is the sense in that? Mijatovic had a below par injury full season with Fiorentina. Where as Darko was one of the leading scorers at Juve. Because Yugoslovia start Milosevic with Mijatovic, Savo is the only one that scores. Look at France and you see that they have a much more balanced team. Anelka, Henry, Wiltord, DJORKAEFF, Dugarry, Trezeguet, and Zidane are all capable of scoring. Trezeguet only got to play against Holland. He is the real talent and Juve already have him. Believe me he is much better than Savo. He's a more versatile player and hes younger also.
Kova was injured, that's why he didn't play. I'm happy with Trezeguet:).
Trezeguet is nothing special....Henry is great...but Trez? no way..like Wiltord is nothing..like Pires is nothing....Many of them can only play in England..high ball..counter attack..power..game over..**** that football.And French league sucks.Take Anelka to Italy...He will finish career in one season.Like Kluivert...and many other so called great strikers..who cannot do nothing on their own..
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